Bangalore City Traffic New Rules and Fines

Hello, friends today we Let’s discuss what is the rules of Bangalore traffic. Bangalore is located in Karnataka so it’s become under Indian Central Government. And Central Govt Made changes in Traffic rules several times and fines for control accidents, so central government take strong decision on traffic department which is related to control the road accident it so Central and state government both were strongly recommended to follow the rules which are listed below otherwise who break of them of them then those must punishable under law.


Bangalore Traffic: Bangalore is one of the fastest-growing city in an India not only in India also worldwide Due to the popularity of the software hub, their population is also large, so there is usually more traffic than Delhi, India, which is one of the busiest cities in India, so Bangalore city traffic control requires a strong decision on traffic rules and penalties so the central government has decided to make changes.

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Bangalore Traffic Fine: Indian Administrative department made a form decision about traffic rules to avoid accidents. More rules are only listed but no one follows so the government decided to rise a fine charge on The amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act that were passed by the Parliament recently but most have come into effect from September 1, 2019it’s also Implemented. Bangalore and whole India must follow them.


1]. What is the need to follow the traffic rules?

  • India is a democratic country and such a person has the right to govern the government of India
  • And he/she must comply with any new rule or directive of that person.
  • Traffic is for the benefit of the public and not for the purpose.
  • Speed limits
  • Traffic signs and signals
  • Follow the 2-second rule
  • Signal your intentions
  • Pass with care and only where allowed


2]. How did you might get Details about the Fine of your Vehicle?

Might easily get all details about your vehicle find any pending traffic police rules Broken, There are complete details available at some related websites and Applications, Check here



Bangalore Traffic Police fines list:

LIST OF TRAFFIC OFFENCES, SECTION OF LAW AND FINE AMOUNT Government Order No.TRD.309.SAEPA.2006, Bengaluru, Dated 29.10.2007.
                                                                 Fine Amount
01 Dangerous Drive Two Wheeler M.V.Act 184 First time 1000/-, 2nd & subsequent offenses 2000/-
02 Dangerous Drive Non-Transport Vehicle(White Board) M.V.Act 184 First time 1000/-, 2nd & subsequent offenses 2000/-
03 Dangerous Drive Transport Vehicle(Yellow Board) M.V.Act 184 First time 1000/-, 2nd & subsequent offenses 2000/-
04 Whoever drives a Vehicle or cause Vehicle to be driven at a speed exceeding the maximum speed fixed Section 112 read with sec.183(1) & (2) of the M.V. Act 2W/3W/LMV – 1000, MGV/MPV/HPV/HGV & OTHERS – 2000
05 Racing & trails of speed Section.189 of M.V. Act 5000
06 Carrying excess passengers in
i) 3 Wheeled Vehicle
ii) Transport Vehicles including buses
Section 177 of the M.V. Act 200/- for every excess passenger
07 Drunken Drive M.V.Act 185 Court Fine
08 No Parking Section 177 of the M.V. Act 1000
09 Demanding Excess Fare & refusal to come for hire etc., by Autorickshaw Driver or Taxi Driver Rule 13 (U) of the KVM Rules read with Section 177 of the M.V. Act First time 100/-, 2nd & subsequent offenses 300/-
10 Defective Fare Meter 16 Clause (K) 100
11 Defective Silencer 16 Clause 120 100
12 Emitting Black Smoke 190 Clause (2) 100
13 Shrill Horn 190 Clause (2) 100
14 Without Permit 190 Clause 192 Court Fine
15 Without Driving License Two Wheeler Sec.3 read with Sec.181 of the M.V. Act. 1000
16 Without Driving License Non-Transport Vehicle Sec.3 read with Sec.181 of the M.V. Act. 2000
17 Without Driving License Transport Vehicle Sec.3 read with Sec.181 of the M.V. Act. 5000
18 Driving a Motor Vehicle in any public place by an under-aged person Sec.4 read with Sec.181 of the M.V. Act. 2W/3W-1000, LMV-2000, OTHERS-5000
19 Owner of a Motor Vehicle permitted any person to drive his/her vehicle in contravention of section 3 of 4 Sec.5 read with Sec.180 of the M.V. Act. 2W/3W-1000, LMV-2000, OTHERS-5000
20 Jumping Traffic Signal Rule 119, read with section 177, M.V. Act 500
21 Wrong Parking 190 Clause 117 1000
22 Cutting Yellow Lane/Lane Discipline 190 Clause 119 500
23 Defective Number Plate 190 Clause 50 500
24 No Entry 190 Clause 115 500
25 H.T.V. Prohibited 115 R/w 177 500
26 Without Uniform 14 R/w 177 500
27 Without I.C 14 R/w 106 2W/3W-1000, LMV-2000, HGV & OTHERS-4000
28 Without F.C 14 R/w 56 Court Fine
29 Defective Head Light 14 R/w 106 500
30 Without Tail Light 14 R/w 250 500
31 Driving any Motor Vehicle without a number plate Rule 50 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules read with section 177 of the M.V. Act First time 500/-, 2nd & subsequent offenses 300/-
32 Footboard Traveling 94 Clause (2) 100
33 Gents Traveling Ladies Seat in BMTC Bus 94 Clause (4) 100
34 Holding / using Mobile Phone while Driving/riding a Vehicle Section 230 (A) KMVR R/W Sec 177, I.M.V Act First time 1000/-, 2nd & subsequent offenses 2000/-
35 Not wearing Helmet while riding the 2Wheel Vehicle 230 of the KMVR 1989 in sub-rule (1) 500
36 Triple riding Section 128 (1), MV Act R/W sec 177 MV Act 500
37 Using Black Film/Other Materials SEC 100 CMVR R/W 177, MV ACT First time 500/-, 2nd & subsequent offenses 1000/-
38 Not Wearing Helmet – Pillion Rider RULE 230(1) R/W SEC 177 IMV ACT 500
39 Driving without wearing Seat Belt 500
 40 Wrong Parking + Towing charges(2Wheeler) SEC 15(2),R/W SEC177 MV ACT 1650
41 Wrong Parking + Towing charges (Car.Three wheelers) SEC 15(2),R/W SEC177 MV ACT 2000
42 Medium Transport Vehicle Towing charges(MTV) SEC 15(2),R/W SEC177 MV ACT 2250
43 Wrong Parking + Towing charges (HGV) SEC 15(2),R/W SEC177 MV ACT 2500
01 Footpath Vendor 92 (G) Court Fine
02 Stray Cattle 92 (e) Court Fine
03 No Entry for Cycle 92 (b) Court Fine
04 without Light for Cycle 92 (a) Court Fine
05 Jay Walker Rule 6, 18 K.T.C.Act Court Fine
                    SPEED LIMIT NOTIFICATION UC (2) SEC, 112 OF MV ACT, 1988
01 All Types of Cars 60kmph
02 Buses, Vans, Trucks, Matadors 50kmph
03 Motor Cycles, Scooters, etc, other than Mopeds 50kmph
04 Moped, Autorickshaw, Three Wheelers, and Tempo 40kmph
05 Tractor, Trailers 20kmph

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Source: Bangalore Traffic police


Bangalore traffic police Helpline number: 25588444. 25588555. 22943030. 22943131.

Bangalore traffic police Email Address:


Bangalore Traffic Department Main Office:

infantry Rd, Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001




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