Bangalore To Hyderabad Train| Timings & Ticket Price

Bangalore To Hyderabad Train: If you planning for visiting Hyderabad through Train easy guide about travel threw Train for a better experience of Southern railway. Bangalore To Hyderabad, You can reach by Trains, Flights, Bus or own vehicles. But we suggest to you that’s Train total distance from Bangalore to Hyderabad 569 KM’s.

If you Know About “Bangalore City

Which was the Bangalore To Hyderabad First Train (At Morning)?

Bangalore to Hyderabad early morning trains are available from Bangalore[Yeshwantpur] Railway station( YPR) –  The Train Number is 15016 and Train Name is Yeshwantpur JN Gorakhpur Express, it takes Minimum 14 Hour for Reach Hyderabad from Bangalore. Arrive at Hyderabad Junction (HYB) time of 22:45 PM, This train available for weekly all days from Bangalore to Hyderabad.

Which is the Bangalore To Hyderabad Last Train (At Night)?

Bangalore To Hyderabad Mid-night trains are available from Bangalore City Junction(SBC), Totally two trains departure from Bangalore to Hyderabad which was the Train Number is 02212 and Train Name is ‘Varanasi Junction  Anand Vihar Gindia JN Rat’ ,  Another one is Rajadhani Express Train Number is 22691, these both trains can be required for  Hyderabad arrives minimum 14-15 hours.


Bangalore(Bengaluru) Railway Station

Bangalore Railway station is located near Majestic (Bangalore City Bus Stop) it’s Centre of Bangalore city Area.

Bangalore railway station also called Bangalore Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna railway station it is one of the largest railway stations across India which is related to South Indian Railways.

The Railway Station connects rail connectivity to further ten destinations which.  Is the train line to other states like Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Goa and more.

Bangalore railway Station handles more than 80 trains and their 60 express trains around 10 platforms.

About Station

  • AddressBengaluru, M.G. Railway Colony, Majestic, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560023
  • Contact Number for Railway Enquiry 080 – 22155337
  • Division(s)Mysore railway division
  • Zone(s)South Western Railway
  • Numbers of Platforms10 Platforms.
  • Station CodeSBC


Bangalore To Hyderabad Train Timings

S. No Train No Train Name From To Departure Arrival
1 22691 Rajadhani Express SBC HYB 20:20 07:35
2 22693 Rajadhani Express SBC HYB 20:20 07:35
3 12493 Rajadhani Express SBC HYB 20:20 07:35
4 12736 Secunderabad Junction

Garib Rath

YPR HYB 19:15 08:35
5 12592 Gorakhpur Express YPR HYB 17:20 06:55
6 15016 Yeshwantpur JN

Gorakhpur Express

YPR HYB 07:40 22:45
7 02213 Varanasi Junction  Anand

Vihar Gindia JN Rat

YPR HYB 23:40 09:05


Hyderabad (Nampally) Railway Station)

Hyderabad Railway Station, also known as Nampally Junction, is the main Junction of the state of Telangana. it’s controlled by South Central Railway.

Hyderabad Railway Station becomes under Secunderabad Division, and 6 Platform and Its Elevation is 536 Meters. and Station Code is HYB. It’s also south better railway survival station


About Station

  • Address: Red Hills, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad, Telangana 500457
  • Contact Number for Railway Enquiry 139
  • Division(s): Secunderabad division
  • Zone(s)South Central Railway
  • Numbers of Platforms: 6 Platforms.
  • Station Code: HYB

Bangalore Railway station is related to Southern Railways Zone in South India. From Bangalore, you may Reach To Goa, Chennai, Kerala, Mysore, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and other city and states

From Bangalore to Hyderabad Minimum Ticket Price – SL- Sleeper Class @ Rupees 340.

And maximum Ticket Price – @ 2895 Rupees for 1A First Class Trains with better services

  • Your seat will either be in a coupe (closed compartment for 2) or cabin(closed compartment for 4, their Mine was a lower berth in a coupe and looked


Bangalore To Hyderabad Train Route map:

Bangalore To Hyderabad Train Facts:

  • Average Duration is 11 hours required to reach Hyderabad from Bangalore.
  • Minimum Ticket Price is 340 Rupees and Maximum is up to 3000 Rupees.
  • Daily totally 7 trains are a survival from Bangalore to Hyderabad.
  • More than 50 Thousand (50K) People are monthly travelling from Bangalore to Hyderabad.

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  • What is the Distance between Bangalore to Hyderabad by Train?
  •  From Bangalore via 617 KM to Hyderabad.

  • Which is the Fastest train? From Bangalore To Hyderabad.
  • The Running between Bangalore to Hyderabad fastest train is 12213 Duronto Express.

  • How is the Journey from Bangalore Via train to Hyderabad?
  • The best experience of the journey through the train and better quality services from Southcentral railways.

  • How many hours required to reach Hyderabad by Train?
  • Their a minimum required 14 hours to reach Hyderabad.

  • Where is Hyderabad train?
  • Hyderabad Decan Train Station.

  • Is Hyderabad and Secunderabad same?
  • Geographically divided from Hyderabad by the Hussain Sagar lake, Secunderabad.

  • How many railway stations are there in Hyderabad?
  • The nearest railway stations to Secunderabad Junction are Kacheguda (3 KM), Begumpet Railway Station (6 KM), Hyderabad Deccan Railway Station (9 KM), and Falaknama Railway Station (10 KM).

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