Bangalore To Tiruchirappalli (Trichy) Train Timings and More Info

Bangalore To Trichy Train Timings: From Bangalore to Tiruchi, daily service is available of only five trains from Bangalore and comfortable journey because of normal fair of this train route

About Bangalore Railway Station

Bangalore railway station also called Bangalore Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna railway station it is one of the largest railway stations across India which is related to South Indian Railways.

The Railway Station connects rail connectivity to further ten destinations which.  Is the train line to other states like Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Goa and more.

Bangalore Railway station handles more than 80 trains and their 60 express trains around 10 platforms.

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Bangalore To Tiruchirappalli [Trichy] Train timings

Bangalore to Trichy Trains

Train Number06571
Journey Duration7 Hour 45 Mins
Depart from Bangalore)05:15
Arrival toTiruchippalli (Trichy)13:00
Train Number07315
Journey Duration8 Hour 35 Mins
Depart from Bangalore)05:25
Arrival to Tiruchippalli (Trichy)14:00
Train Number16232
Journey Duration9 Hour 55 Mins
Depart from Bangalore)18:00
Arrival toTiruchippalli (Trichy)03:55
Train Number17315
Journey Duration8 Hour 40 Mins
Depart from Bangalore)23:30
Arrival toTiruchippalli (Trichy)08:10
Train Number06521
Journey Duration10 Hour 05 Mins
Depart from Yeshwantpur Jn)23:55
Arrival toTiruchippalli (Trichy)10:00


Tiruchirappalli Junction Railway Station


Tiruchirappalli also called Trichy this station will be located in Tamil Nadu state, India. Trichy Junction will be regarding Southern Railways this station had totally 9 platforms. Station code is ‘TPJ’.

The Tiruchirappalli Railway Station will serve several stations, many of which are Madurai, Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore. From Bangalore, Tirupati has been serving daily for about five trains and weekly 1 or 2 Trains

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Bangalore To Trichy Train Travel Demo

Bangalore To Trichy Train Route Map


Metro Stops or Stations In Bangalore?

About Bangalore To Trichy Train Timings and Price 

What is a distance from Bangalore to Tiruchirappalli 430 KM
What is the minimum ticket cost from Bangalore rRs.250
what is journey duration from Bangalore to


10 hours
How do I get from Bangalore Airport to Tiruchirappalli? Trough bus

from the airport

DoesTiruchirappalli have an airport? Yes
What is the best way to travel from

Bangalore to Tiruchirappalli?

Flight, Train, Road
What is the Bangalore to Tiruchirappalli bus ticket price? 400.Rs
What is bus Timings from Bangalore to Mangalore every 15 minutes

/ per bus


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Q. What is a distance from Bangalore to Mysore?

A.  430 KM away from Bangalore

Q.What is the minimum ticket cost from Bangalore?

A. Rs.70 only from Bangalore to Mysore

Q. How many platforms are there in Bangalore railway?

A. it has 10 Platforms.

Q.How is the road from Bangalore to Trichy?

A. 162 Km Pretty good Highways.

Q.How can I go to shravanabelagola from Bangalore?

A. You may Reach Bangalore By Train, or Road.

Q.What is shravanabelagola famous for?

A. Famous the world’s tallest monolithic stone statue.

Q.Which is the Fastest Train Between Bangalore To Hassan?

A.16516 Karwar Yesvantpur Junction Express is the fastest train that will take you from Hassan to Bangalore.

Q.Which is the 1st Class Train Between Bangalore To Hassan?

A.  Is 16518 Yesvantpur Express.

Q.Which Train Passing via kunigal from Bangalore to Hassan?

A. Is Karwar Express.

Q.If Available Online ticket booking facility?

A. Yes, through bookmyshow

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