Best Geyser for Hard Water in India 2023: Review & Guide

Best geyser for Hard water in India 2023: In this cold climate, Using cold water for various needs, is not an easy thing in the early morning, because it’s the cold season, So you have to keep warm yourself. So I’m bringing out the best geyser specifically suitable for hard water and it can manage.

In case you have only 3-4 family members therefore 10 Litres geyser was enough for a small family, otherwise, if 5-6 members existed then 15 liters geyser is the best option. If you have more than 6 members then please go with 15 liters geyser forget suitable.

In the Indian market available various brands and their products help you to heat the water with a specific technology base for hard water,  but you have to choose the right one from among the available alternatives, So we finalized the below best geyser for hard water.

List of the Best geyser for Hard water in India 2023

  1. Havells Monza EC 5S.
  2. AO Smith HSE-SDS-25.
  3. Crompton Amica 15-L.
  4. V-Guard Divino 6 liter.
  5. Racold Eterno Pro 15 Litres.
  6. AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-015.
  7. Bajaj New Shakti 15 L Water Heater.
  8. American MICRONIC – AMI-WHH.
  9. Venus Mega Plus 15EV 15-Litre.
  10. AO Smith SDS Green series.

Best Geyser for Hard Water in India 2023

1]. Havells Monza EC 5S

Best Geyser for Hard Water in India 2022

Learn More | 2400+ ratings | 560 answered questions

Capacity 10 liter
Star Rating N/A
Heating 2000 Watts
Weight 11 KG

Are looking for the best Geyser along with a better performance with hard water then here is the best pick for you from Havells brands, Havells Monza EC 5S 10-Litre Storage was the Best geyser for hard water in India 2022, with Flexi Pipe An efficient water heater for your bathroom.

Give yourself a warm and refreshing shower in the morning by using Monza EC by Havells and get ready for the day. It includes Ferro-Glass Technology and an Incoloy Glass Coating heating element which ensures a longer life span for the heater providing added durability for your use. It is compact enough to fit in any corner of your bathroom and provides you with on-demand hot water for your daily needs.

The Havells Monza EC water heater features a mounting design and a subtle color combination that blends in seamlessly with your bathroom color scheme. Its design will complement your bathroom.

The water tubes are equipped with whirl-flow technology. It avoids direct contact between cold and hot water flows for faster heating and optimized energy savings resulting in 20% more hot water production.

This water heater is designed with an efficient and adjustable knob that allows you to easily set the desired temperature. The temperature setting ranges from 25 °C to 75 °C.

The water heater comes with a flexible pipe that is made of stainless steel and this makes it super durable and long-lasting. Because the pipe is steel braided, it is suitable for both hot and cold purposes. The pipe has a working pressure of 8 bar.

Havells Monza EC water heater comes with a storage capacity of 10 liters so that you can get a continuous hot water supply for your daily needs.

The tank is made of ultra-thick super cold-rolled plates that are meant to last. The tank finish also features ferry glass dry powder coating technology. A heavy-duty magnesium anode rod with a steel core protects the enameled tank from rust and corrosion.

Reasons to buy

  • Steel material
  • 2k+ Satisfied buyers
  • 2000 watts

Reasons to Avoid

  • 10-liter capacity, So
  • Only compatible 4 members

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2]. AO Smith HSE-SDS-25

Best Geyser for Hard Water in India 2022

Learn More | 2400+ ratings | 560 answered questions

Capacity 25 liter
Star Rating 4 Star
Heating 2000 Watts
Weight 11.45 KG

Ao Smith HSE 25 liter storage capacity based verticle water heater [geyser] has come under rank 2nd position of the list. I selected this verticle geyser, due to it can work more efficiently with hard water.

Because it could perform well with the help of the latest advanced technology-oriented maximum protection against hard water specifically and also corrosion.

Except for them,  Ao Smith offers 2000 watts voltage consuming capacity of the frequency with 25-75 degree centigrade temperature range, So are you glancing for a quite suitable water heater for hard water, therefore must try this one for consuming a quality experience with this.

I would suggest this product in this list, due to it having good ratings and user experience with satisfied by the trusted buyers, So go ahead with this and it was suitable for 5-6 members or more families.

Reasons to buy

  • Steel material
  • 2k+ Satisfied buyers
  • 2000 watts

Reasons to Avoid

  • Only compatible 4 members

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3]. Crompton Amica 15-L

Best Geyser for Hard Water in India 2022

Learn More | 4289+ ratings | 920 answered questions

Capacity 15 liter
Star Rating 5 Star
Heating 2000 Watts
Weight 11.34 KG

In case you are finding a budgeted geyser specifically compatible with hard water here is the exact beautiful one for you from my Crompton brand Crompton Amica 15 liter 5 stars rated storage water heater for hard water is an Indian leading consumer product company let’s talk about giving you it comes with the electric power source and made with a rolled sheet.

Powerful Heating Factor – Built of high-quality materials, the powerful copper heating element allows the geyser to heat water fast, and has a pressure of 8 bar, the Amica Water Heater is suitable for tall buildings and can withstand up to 8.0 kg / cm2

Safe and secure with high accurate thermostat, reset knob, and pre-set thermal cut-out, it offers double protection. It protects from sudden power cuts and voltage differences.

The powder-coated metal body is a leather geezer corrosion-resistant, powder-coated to make its metal body. This makes the water heater durable and serviceable even after years of use.

To serve you hot water at any time of the day, the Crampton Amica Water Heater has a 25-liter capacity tank, Energy Saving PDF – High-quality PUF foam helps to maintain hot water for a long time and helps reduce your electricity bills.

Smart Energy Management – Smart design with standby cut-off, which consumes less energy and works efficiently without compromising on quality, 5 Star Rating – By all standards of safety and security, it has proven to be an energy-efficient water heater with a 5-star rating.

Reasons to Buy

  • Anti- Rust
  • 8 Bars for pressure
  • Prevents from corrosion

Reasons to Avoid

  • Rolled Sheet

4]. V-Guard Divino 6 liter

Best Geyser for Hard Water in India 2022

Learn More | 985+ ratings | 125 answered questions

Capacity 6 liter
Star Rating 5 Star
Heating 2000 Watts
Weight 11.05 KG

The V Guard Divino Water Heater is based on several latest technology and it can work effectively against hard water, so V Guard Geyser is the best option for you.

Suitable for anti-corrosive and hard water use Advanced Vitreous Enamel Coating protects the Inner Tank, Superior Incoloy 840 Heating Element ensures Sustained Performance, and Extra Thick Magnesium Anode provides Added Protection LEAK PROOF】Single Weld Line High-Grade Mild Steel Tank

Trapped between too hot and not hot enough? Experience hot water the way you want it. Bringing you an easy temperature control knob installed on the front panel. This will help you control the water temperature according to your preference so that nothing interferes with your rejuvenating bath time.

The exterior of Victo is made of high-quality mild steel and the corrosion-resistant powder coating makes it more durable even in humid bathroom environments. Its inner tank is made of thick-gauge steel, using single-line welding technology with high-strength glass coating to protect against hard water corrosion and adverse effects, thus ensuring your water heater’s longevity.

Four-tier security system
Your safety is important to us; therefore, we have implemented 4 layer security systems in Victo. Its high-tech thermostat and thermal cut-out processes ensure precise temperature control and avoid overheating by cutting power at specified temperatures and in unusual circumstances. The multifunctional valve ensures maximum pressure control to protect your water heater from any external/internal components. Magnesium sacrificing anode protects the inner tank from erosion.

Reasons to Buy

  • Overheat protected
  • Power Indicators

Reasons to Avoid

  • Heavyweight
  • 6 Liter

5]. Racold Eterno Pro 15 Litres

Best Geyser for Hard Water in India 2022

Learn More | 1179+ ratings | 183 answered questions

Capacity 15 liter
Star Rating 5 Star
Heating 2000 Watts
Weight 8 KG

Racold Eterno pro geyser has acquired a position on the list, This geyser comes with 15 liters of capacity oriented with 5 stars of energy convenience of power for performing better with hard water.
It’s come with titanium plus technology of steel tank

Rockhold Iterno Pro 15L Storage Water Heater with Inlet and Outlet Pipes, Eterno Pro is designed to be a strong partner for your wonderful morning. Eterno personalizes the bath. Its Smart Bath Logic features keep hot water ready at the temperature you set every day.
Eterno manifests itself as the result of Rackold’s continuous innovation that helps you save 40%* more electricity. Hot water bath made smart.

Smart Bath Logic – The intelligent ‘Smart Bath Logic’ function empowers you to customize your bath needs by adjusting the regulator to your preferred bath mode, and in addition, you can save up to 40% on electricity. *

Super Polymer High Performance, Eterno features a unique polymer protective coating technology for the inner container resisting hard water corrosion.

Titanium Plus – The special titanium-enameled heating element of this storage geyser gives better protection and longer life.

HIGH-PRESSURE RESISTANCE – Eterno 2’S high-pressure tolerances make it suitable for tall buildings and high-pressure pump applications.

Smart Guard – A special anode used with the heating element employs an electrolytic process that protects it from corrosion, thus extending its life

Smart Mix – A special deflector ensures slow mixing of cold and hot water in the inner container, keeping the water warm for longer and thus ensuring less frequent restarts, plus you can get up to 10% more water Huh.

Reasons to Buy

  • Titanium plus technology
  • High-Pressure Resistance
  • Polymer Protective coating

Reasons to Avoid

  • Light device

6]. AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-015

Best Geyser for Hard Water in India 2022

Learn More | 6143+ ratings | 550 answered questions

Capacity 15 liter
Star Rating 5 Star
Heating 2000 Watts
Weight 11.02 KG

In case are a working professional and you’re looking for the best water heater specifically for hard water use, then It will go as the best pick for you. Because having a good quality based geyser is almost essential these days for improving your standard of living, So I’m suggesting this AO Smith geyser it comes with extremely good features like a 25-liter water storage capacity, a 5-star energy rating of 2 times better corrosion resistance.

Except for them, It has advanced PUF technology for power savings. It consumes less electricity than other similar products, and this machine works under a long-lasting Anode Rod for more life.

Tank is 23% stronger than other types of material with alloyed steel tanks, Glass coating heating element to ensure uniform heating and constant availability of hot water is one of the effective aspects of this product.

Reasons to Buy

  • Advance PUF technology
  • Double coating tank
  • 5-star Energy Rating

Reasons to Avoid

  • Heavy Capacity

7]. Bajaj New Shakti 15 L Water Heater

Best Geyser for Hard Water in India 2022

Learn More | 15,900+ ratings | 1000 answered questions

Capacity 15 liter
Star Rating 4 Star
Heating 2000 Watts
Weight 1If areIf are2 KG

If are you not comfortable with the above-mentioned products and brands then make sure probably this one will be suitable for your necessities. While talking about bajaj it’s a certified brand with consumer usage products and types of machinery.

The bajaj New shakti storage 15-liter verticle water heater comes with a 4-star energy rating consuming rating, Whenever observing heating capacity, It has a 2 kW heating element for working more efficiently with hard water, So must try this one.

One more beneficial component it has was a protection device that attracts harmful salts and keeps the element and tank healthy and safe from corrosion.

Except for them, you get a 4-star of energy rating for working better, protecting from dry heating errors, a glass-lined coated Inner tank, and finally 2 years warranty on the product and 5 years on the inner tank.

Reasons to Buy

  • 2 KW Heating element
  • Glass-lined coated tank
  • Secure from dry heating

Reasons to Avoid

  • Risk to install

8]. American MICRONIC – AMI-WHH

Best Geyser for Hard Water in India 2022

Learn More | 151+ ratings | 44 answered questions

Capacity 25 liter
Star Rating 5 Star
Heating 2000 Watts
Weight 13 KG

A Horizontal water heater comes from the American Micronic brand, 8 Bar pressure with a glass-lined steel tank for long life, It had 15 liters of storage capacity, and this device works under PUF technology, So it consumes less power.

Except for them, magnesium anode is available for prevents corrosion errors and work a few more years without any repairs.

The American Micronics AMI-WHH-15LDx Water Heater is a powerful and efficient electrical appliance designed to redefine your shower experience. It has a sturdy and non-compromising build quality specially designed for Indian water conditions. It has multiple built-in protection functions to protect yourself from dry heat and excess pressure with a fire-retardant 3-pin plug.

Sturdy Design & Build Quality – The titanium enamel glass-lined tank integrated inside the water heater is resistant to the effects of hard water and corrosion. This water heater is built to endure regular use and perform efficiently. It also has an 18 x 110 mm magnesium anode for resistance to corrosion

WEATHER AND MOISTURE PROOF – The water heater is IPX4 rated for resistance to weather and moisture. It can withstand splashes of water and is specially designed for Indian water conditions. It has high resistance against corrosion and is ideal for bathroom environments.

Variable Temperature Control – This water heater allows you to control the temperature of the water with its built-in capillary thermostat. You can set the water temperature from 30 to 75 °C.

Auto Cut-Off Function – To prevent and protect against idle use, the water heater has an automatic cut-off function. This function automatically turns off the water heater once the pre-set temperature is reached.

Ultra-thick Inner Steel Tank – The inner storage tank is made of 2mm ultra-thick steel. It also has 40mm PUF insulation which has a density of 35kg/m3. This tank can withstand 15 liters of water capacity and up to 8 bar of water pressure.

Reasons to Buy

  • Magnesium Anode
  • PUF Technology

Reasons to Avoid

  • Horizontal type

9]. Venus Mega Plus 15EV 15-Litre

Best Geyser for Hard Water in India 2022

Learn More | 586+ ratings | 143 answered questions

Capacity 15 liter
Star Rating 4 Star
Heating 2000 Watts
Weight 11.13 KG

VenPlusega plus 15EV 15-Litre Storage Water Heater (White,4 Stars) Packed with features to ensure long-lasting performance, the Mega Plus is also perfect for multi-story buildings and pressure pumps.

Porcelain Enamel Glass Lined Tank – Manufactured in a modern, automated plant using European technology. Protects the tank from rust and corrosion. Suitable for 8-bar-pressure, pressure pumps, and multi-story buildings.

Hard Water-Protection Low-density, glass-lined element for long life in hard water areas, Maximum-Safety – Automatic thermostat, multi-function safety valve, and thermal cutouts ensure protection against overheating, dry heat, and high pressure,

Incoloy Elements – Withstands temperatures up to 1000C, long-lasting, even in hard water, Sacrificial magnesium anode: a special device to enhance the corrosion protection of the tank through “cathode action”

Reasons to Buy

  • Up to 1000c Temp long-lasting
  • European Technology

Reasons to Avoid

  • limited Features

10]. AO Smith SDS Green series

Best Geyser for Hard Water in India 2022

Learn More | 5000+ ratings | 389 answered questions

Capacity 15 liter
Star Rating 4 Star
Heating 2000 Watts
Weight 11.13 KG

AO Smith acquires the final spot on the list, the storage of 25 liters of horizontal water heater with 5 Star rating of power. This geyser is compatible with 5-6 members or above family groups, It had 2000 Watts of 8 bars of pressure working capacity.

An efficient Inlet Water Diffuser breaks the incoming water jet into smaller streams, A customized alloy that works even in different Water Conditions protects the tank and heating element from corrosion.

It the 23% stronger than standard stainless steel or copper tanks; With Blue Diamond Glass-Lining technology provides twice the corrosion resistance compared to industry standards and increases the life of the tank, The glass-coated heating element fits into the shape of the tank, ensuring uniform heating and heating and continuous and maximum availability.

Sturdy Heavy Gauge Alloy Steel Tank – 23% stronger than standard stainless steel or copper tanks; With Blue Diamond glass-lining technology that provides high corrosion resistance twice industry standards and prolongs the life of the tank.

Glass-coated fold-back heating element – fits into the shape of the tank, ensuring uniform heating and continuous and maximum availability of hot water, Energy Efficient PUF Injection Technology – Advanced PUF (injection ensures uniform and high-density foam distribution. Zero gaps between the tank and insulation ensure maximum energy efficiency and power savings.

Efficient Inlet Water Diffuser – Efficient inlet water diffuser breaks the incoming water jet into smaller streams, diverting the water flow from vertical to horizontal directions.

Long-Lasting Anode Rod – An optimized alloy that also works in a variety of water conditions, protecting the tank and heating element from corrosion, Thermostat – helps to set the temperature of the hot water and makes the heating element non-operating once the set temperature is reached

Reasons to Buy

  • Advance PUF Technology
  • 23% Stronger material

Reasons to Avoid

  • Little bit High price

Best Geyser Buying Guide for Hard Water for 2023:

India is famous for its extreme weather conditions; As we are well aware of the changing temperatures, it is always better to be fully equipped to deal with these climate changes.

Though we love the winter weather, we should hand it over to the man who invented the water heater to help us bathe in the cold, freezing winters of India. A rattling of teeth and a trembling body can only be stopped by a warm, relaxing bath. That’s where our hero, the “water heater,” comes in.

If some basic questions come to your mind while buying a water heater, don’t worry we’ve got it covered.

Want to know how a water heater works?
A typical electric water heater operates on a simple mechanism, an electric heating unit connected to a 220-volt circuit. To heat the water, the current is allowed to pass through a fixed electro-resistant heating element that is fixed in the middle of the tank. Electricity is supplied through a thermostat, which regulates the temperature of the water.

We have a new way to get hot water without worrying about rising electricity charges i.e. solar water heater. The solar water heating system works on the principle of the thermosyphon process and forced circulation. It uses solar energy and can deliver hot water up to 50-70C*. The core of an ETC solar water heater is a solar collector, which is a tube and a storage tank.

The evacuated tube acts as an absorber in a solar water heater and the evacuated tube consists of two glass tubes with a vacuum in between as an excellent insulator. The incident solar radiation falling on the tube passes through the outer transparent tube and strikes the outer surface of the inner tube.

It absorbs the heat energy and then passes into the cold water flowing in the tube. Thus a solar collector converts the sun’s radiation into heat. A storage tank is exactly what it sounds like; It holds water. An evacuated tube technology-based solar water heating system is the most energy-efficient and cost-effective.

*Depends on ambient temperature

How many types of water heaters are available in the market?
Who doesn’t like options? Even in the specific area of ​​the water heater, there are a lot of options available in the market for you to choose from. Based on your needs and convenience, you can shop for a suitable water heater.

1. Storage Water Heater (6 liters and above):
The most basic and classic form of water heater is the storage water heater. They are widely used for domestic purposes. The reason behind being called a storage water heater is the storage tank inside the appliance. It can store hot water for a long time even without electricity and allows it to be used when needed. The range of storage water heaters is divided into specific products with distinct features,

2. Instant water heater (1-3 liters)
Instant water heaters are high-powered devices that heat water instantly. This type of water heater is very compact and suitable for small bathrooms and kitchens where space is scarce. There are several varieties available in this range:
a. spring hot metro
ns sprint hot
C. eyeball

Read more about V-Guard instant water heater models.

3. Solar Water Heater
Solar water heaters are eco-friendly which serves their purpose and also helps us to promote sustainability. They convert renewable solar energy into heat using a solar thermal collector. Here are the available categories:

  • V-Hot Series
  • NS Win-Hot Series
  • SSL pro
  • SSL Commercial Chain

I. We Hot Commercial Series

Browse through V-Guard Solar Water Heater and choose the right model for your home and work.

4. Gas Water Heater
Gas water heaters are those which run on LPG. They get their supply through gas pipelines/cylinders and they are highly energy efficient. They are light in weight and also very economical.

a. Safeflo Plus

5. Immersion Heater Rod
This tribal technique of using heater rods, not appliances, is a convenient and useful way to heat water. Thanks to its compact size, the immersion heater rod can be easily accommodated in a storage space or cabinet. It’s designed for quick heating, has a hanging hook, an indicator light for safe operation, and also a water level indicator, what else could one want?

What specific factors should you consider when buying a water heater?

Buying a water heater is no rocket science, but there are a few specific factors to keep in mind when investing in one.

a) Family Size:
Your daily water requirement is one of the main factors that should decide the capacity of your water heater. Below is a rough idea of ​​the capabilities required for average use. Please note that this is indicated as the capacity varies according to water usage patterns, inlet water temperature, and weather conditions.

b) capacity criteria:

6-10L 2 people per bathroom
15L 1 – 2 people per bathroom in cold climates
15 liters or more 3 – 4 people per bathroom
25L 3 – 4 people per bathroom in cold climates
35 liters or more than 4 people, Bathtub
Instant water heater kitchen, need light hot water
b) energy efficiency
Energy efficiency products are good for your pocket and our environment. Hence, it is a smart choice to go with water heaters which are low power consumption and highly efficient. The energy efficiency of a water heater is indicated by its Energy Star rating i.e. the higher the rating, the higher the energy efficiency of the product.

c) After-sales service
Water heaters are sensitive equipment and must be maintained regularly. It is very important to have good after-sales service support to repair the geyser in case of malfunction. Click here to view all authorized V-Guard Service Centers in your locality.

Our customer service team is constantly working to provide prompt resolution to your product and service complaints. Visit our Customer Service page to log in to your questions now.

d) Water type
Many people underestimate the damage hard water can do to your water heater. Hard water contains high levels of mineral salts such as calcium and magnesium. Minerals present in hard water can cause scaling. Over time, this begins to interfere with the efficiency of the water heater.

At V-Guard we understand this and we have a wide variety of water heaters that are suitable for heating hard water as well.

e) Pressure Pump Compatibility
Pressure pump applications are required for water heaters in the case of high-rise buildings. Most of the water heaters available in the market are prone to leaking when exposed to high water pressure. V-Guard’s range of water heaters has high-pressure tolerance (up to 8 kg/cm2) which ensures they are pressure pump/high-rise building compatible.

f) Stylish
Who said essential tools can’t be beautiful? An ideal water heater does its job with utmost efficiency and also enhances the exterior of your bathroom. So while investing in a good water heater, consider its aesthetics as well.

Buying Guide Reference:


1]. Can geysers be used for hard water?

There are geysers available in the market for various purposes, but geysers for hard water are most needed these days. And at the Indian market level, 20+ brands offer powerful geysers specially made for hard water use.

2]. Which geyser is good for hard water?

Havells Monza EC 5S 10-Litre Storage Best Geyser for Hard Water in India 2023 with Flexi Pipe Efficient Water Heater for You.
Of course, this applies to regular geysers, but you can choose geysers specially made for hard water use, And it prevents damage from hard water.

Final Words: I hope you enjoyed this post about the Best geyser for Hard water in India 2023, then share this one with your friends and family.

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