Top 10 Best Geyser in India 2023 | Best Brands & Buying Guide

Best Geyser in India 2023: If you want to take Best Geyser, In case you stay withinside the northern part of India where it may get frigid, a water heater(geyser) is something that could be available and accessible each day. There are the most important kinds of geysers to be had as of now: immediate water heater.

Instant water warmers warm water quickly and feature a small capability even whereas garage water warmers have 10 to 25L capability and do take time to warm the water. In this article, we’re going to test the ten satisfactory Best geysers in India in 2023. We have protected each electric-powered and fuel-line water warmers in our article so relying on your needs,

you may select the proper option. One doesn’t want to be at a loss for words anymore approximately the geyser sizes and kinds of the geyser to be had. Thorough studies have been carried out to manual you to shop for a satisfactory geyser in India. The choice of the satisfactory geyser relies upon different factors like lavatory spacing, budget, in which to put in in addition to the cause of warm water.

You must additionally don’t forget the different elements caused by geysers (kitchen, lavatory, etc.), energy consumption, size, heating capability, and aesthetics.

List of the Best Geyser In India 2023

  1. Bajaj Calenta
  2. Racold Eterno Pro 15Litres
  3. V-Guard Victo- 25 liter
  4. Havells Monza EC 5S
  5. AO Smith SDS-Green Series
  6. Crompton Arno Neo
  7. Venus Splash Copper Geyser
  8. V-Guard Calino DG
  9. AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-025
  10. Bajaj New Shakti Storage 15

Best Geyser In India (2023)

1]. Bajaj Calenta Storage 25 Litre Vertical 5 Star Water Heater

Best Geyser in India 2022

Bajaj Calenta Storage 25 Litre Vertical 5 Star Water Heater Specifications

Capacity 25 liter
Star Rating 5 Star
Heating 2000 Watts
Weight 13.6 KG


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The Bajaj calenta is the best geyser in India 2023 this bajaj geyser had eligible configurations that help to push 1st position of the list with inspire you to buy this one with 2000 watts of wattage and 8 powerful pressure bars for the productive result while heating water.

It needs approximately 3 feet in height and only 2 feet in width for the installment of this geyser, You’re looking for a geyser that performs for a long duration, Therefore you have to focus on Top-rated materials,

So In this machine bajaj provides mild steel with glass-lined coating for rust-free and an outer body build with ABS material, The swirl flow technology has ensured 20% more hot water production and a multifunction safety valve, PVC drain pipe along with a user manual you get in the box, A verticle water heater comes with 25 ltr capacity and 5 stars of Energy Rating.

Reasons to Buy

  • 5 star-energy Rating
  • 25-liter verticle geyser
  • 8 Bars for pressure
  • Reasons to Avoid

Reasons to Avoid

  • ABS Material


2]. Racold Eterno Pro 15L Vertical 5-Star Storage Water Heater

Best Geyser in India 2022

Racold Eterno Pro 15L Vertical 5-Star Storage Water Heater Specifications

Capacity 15 liter
Star Rating 5 Star
Heating 2000 Watts
Weight 8 KG

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Racold Eterno pro geyser has acquired a position on the list, This geyser comes with 15 liters of capacity oriented with 5 stars of energy convenience of power for performing better with hard water, It’s come with titanium plus technology of steel tank

Rockhold Iterno Pro 15L Storage Water Heater with Inlet and Outlet Pipes, Eterno Pro is designed to be a strong partner for your wonderful morning. Eterno personalizes the bath. Its Smart Bath Logic features keep hot water ready at the temperature you set every day.
Eterno manifests itself as the result of Rackold’s continuous innovation that helps you save 40%* more electricity. Hot water bath made smart.

Smart Bath Logic – The intelligent ‘Smart Bath Logic’ function empowers you to customize your bath needs by adjusting the regulator to your preferred bath mode, and in addition, you can save up to 40% on electricity. *

Super Polymer High Performance, Eterno features a unique polymer protective coating technology for the inner container resisting hard water corrosion.

Titanium Plus – The special titanium-enameled heating element of this storage geyser gives better protection and longer life.

HIGH-PRESSURE RESISTANCE – Eterno 2’S high-pressure tolerances make it suitable for tall buildings and high-pressure pump applications.

Smart Guard – A special anode used with the heating element employs an electrolytic process that protects it from corrosion, thus extending its life

Smart Mix – A special deflector ensures slow mixing of cold and hot water in the inner container, keeping the water warm for longer and thus ensuring less frequent restarts, plus you can get up to 10% more water Huh.

Reasons to Buy

  • Titanium plus technology
  • High-Pressure Resistance
  • Polymer Protective coating

Reasons to Avoid

  • Light device


3]. V-Guard Victo Plus 25 Litre 5 Star Water Heater

best washing machine for hard water in India 2022
V-Guard Victo Plus 25 Litre 5 Star Water Heater Specifications

Capacity 25 liter
Star Rating 5 Star
Heating 2000 Watts
Weight 14 KG

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Are you seeking for geyser in India for home use, Therefore V Guard Victor 25 liter should be going to the right pick Because it has valid components that inspire you to buy right now, let’s have a looks at it.

Primarily, the VGuard Victo water heater comes with a storage capacity of 25 liters and the brand offers pan India free installation service, and it was extremely good at producing efficient energy with more thickness and high density of PUF technology insulation for maximum heating retention.

An Anti-corrosive feature helps you use this for special hard water and advanced vitreous enamel coating protects the inner tank was impressive and it’s going to be the best choice below the 10k range.

The superior coy 800 heating element can ensure long-lasting consistent performance for a whole day without break, and it weighed around 11.8 kg with PPGI m, the material of 5-star rating of energy efficiency.

Reasons to Buy

  • Steel Tank
  • Free Installation

Reasons to Avoid

  • PPGI material


4]. Havells Monza EC 5S 10-Litre Storage Water Heater

best washing machine for hard water in India 2022
Havells Monza EC 5S 10-Litre Storage Water Heater Specifications

Capacity 10 liter
Star Rating N/A
Heating 2000 Watts
Weight 11 KG

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Are looking for the best Geyser along with a better performance with hard water then here is the best pick for you from Havells brands, Havells Monza EC 5S 10-Litre Storage was the Best geyser for hard water in India 2023, with Flexi Pipe An efficient water heater for your bathroom.

Give yourself a warm and refreshing shower in the morning by using Monza EC by Havells and get ready for the day. It includes Ferro-Glass Technology and an Incoloy Glass Coating heating element which ensures a longer life span for the heater providing added durability for your use. It is compact enough to fit in any corner of your bathroom and provides you with on-demand hot water for your daily needs.

The Havells Monza EC water heater features a mounting design and a subtle color combination that blends in seamlessly with your bathroom color scheme. Its design will complement your bathroom.

The water tubes are equipped with whirl-flow technology. It avoids direct contact between cold and hot water flows for faster heating and optimized energy savings resulting in 20% more hot water production.

This water heater is designed with an efficient and adjustable knob that allows you to easily set the desired temperature. The temperature setting ranges from 25 °C to 75 °C.

The water heater comes with a flexible pipe that is made of stainless steel and this makes it super durable and long-lasting. Because the pipe is steel braided, it is suitable for both hot and cold purposes. The pipe has a working pressure of 8 bar.

Havells Monza EC water heater comes with a storage capacity of 10 liters so that you can get a continuous hot water supply for your daily needs.

The tank is made of ultra-thick super cold-rolled plates that are meant to last. The tank finish also features ferry glass dry powder coating technology. A heavy-duty magnesium anode rod with a steel core protects the enameled tank from rust and corrosion.

Reasons to buy

  • Steel material
  • 2k+ Satisfied buyers
  • 2000 watts

Reasons to Avoid

  • 10-liter capacity,
  • Only compatible 4 members


5]. AO Smith SDS-GREEN SERIES-025 Storage 25 Litre Vertical Water Heater

best washing machine for hard water in India 2022
AO Smith SDS-GREEN SERIES-025 Storage 25 Litre Vertical Water Heater Specifications

Capacity 25 liter
Star Rating 5
Heating 2000 Watts
Weight 13 KG

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The AO Smith geyser was suggested by more than 50+ sites and also it was one of Amazon’s Choice products, Because of its excellent performance, built with certified material, and other things. A 25-liter capacity is a perfect one with a 5-star energy rating, and it was the verticle water heater.

It can work with hard water end high capacity with high-end configuration. This machine has a long-lasting Anode Rod for 2x lifespan performance, Inner tank material was a blue diamond glass-lined tank of 2x corrosion resistance and ABS out body, a glass-coated heating element to prevent the formation and extend the life of the heating element.

It was working under 2000 watts and 8 pressure bars, and an efficient inlet water diffuser.

Reasons to Buy

  • PDF Injection technology
  • Fold Backheating elements
  • Anode Rod

Reasons to Avoid

  • Service available only for urban area


6]. Crompton Arno Neo 15-L 5-Star Rated Storage Water Heater

best washing machine for hard water in India 2022
Crompton Arno Neo 15-L 5-Star Rated Storage Water Heater Specifications

Capacity 15 liter
Star Rating 5
Heating 2000 Watts
Weight 7.8 KG

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The Crompton Arno Neo is the best 15-liter geyser on the list, In this geyser, you get an advanced 3 levels of safety, and a multifunction valve to provide higher safety.

An anti-rust feature it has, and that helps you prevent corrosion due to hard water, it’s one of the certified products from ISI. A 2000 watts powerful machine comes with less power consumption technology and a 5-star energy rating with PUF insulation for productive performance and work,

A 7.8 KG of average weight the machine had 8 bars to help to heat water much faster than others, Except for this, Crompton is well known certified brand in the electronic products manufacturing field.

Reasons to Buy

  • ISI Certified Product
  • PUF Technology

Reasons to Avoid

  • Only suitable for 2-3 members family.


7] Venus Splash Copper 15CU 15-Litre Storage Water Heater

best washing machine for hard water in India 2022
Venus Splash Copper 15CU 15-Litre Storage Water Heater Specifications

Capacity 15 liter
Star Rating 4
Heating 2000 Watts
Weight 13 KG

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Here is the one more best Geyer from the venus brand, It was a purely copper tank-based machine with a long lifetime valid with consistent performance, Actually this machine comes with 800 Incoloy elements, and an outer body is built with ABS material,

Capillary Thermal cutout, Backup safety device, and Cuts off power at 95°C. Prevents overheating and security from uncertainties, the 6 bars pressure helps to instant water heat technology.

High precision and externally adjustable thermostat enable the user to set temperatures of their choice, and other things were average in this machine.

Reasons to Buy

  • Copper Tank

Reasons to Avoid

  • Limited specs


8] V-Guard Calino DG 15 Storage 5-Star Water Heater

best washing machine for hard water in India 2022
V-Guard Calino DG 15 Storage 5-Star Water Heater Specifications

Capacity 15 liter
Star Rating 5
Heating 2000 Watts
Weight 11.2 KG

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The V-Guard Calino DG is the only geyser on the list that comes with remote control along with a digital display for easy access, A V-Guard Calino DG geyser had a 15-liter of capacity with PUF technology oriented for performing more efficiently against hard water.

Advanced glass enamel coating protects the internal tank, the Superior Incoloy 840 heating element ensures consistent performance, and an Extra thick magnesium anode provides additional protection.

This machine came with  ABS outer body material, an Advanced thermostat, and a thermal cut-out mechanism that provides dual overheating protection, a 5-in-1 multi-function safety valve that prevents excessive pressure build-up, vacuum formation, and reverse water flow, dry heat protection protects the heating element.

The Manufacturer offers a pan India installation service and it works with 5 stars energy rating and consumes an average power compared with other similar products.

Reasons to Buy

  • Remote control & Digital Display

Reasons to Avoid

  • ABS material


9] AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-025 Storage 25 Litre Vertical Water Heater

best washing machine for hard water in India 2022
AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-025 Storage 25 Litre Vertical Water Heater Specifications

Capacity 25 liter
Star Rating 5
Heating 2000 Watts
Weight 37 KG

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AO Smith is one of the leading geyser bestsellers in the Indian market,

Sturdy heavy gauge alloy steel tank, 23% stronger than standard stainless steel or copper tanks; With Blue Diamond glass-lining technology that offers high corrosion resistance twice industry standards and extends the life of the tank.

Glass-coated heating element – fits the size of the tank, ensuring uniform heating and ensuring continuous and maximum availability of hot water.

Energy Efficient PUF Injection Technology – Advanced PUF (injection ensures even and high-density foam distribution. Zero gaps between the tank and insulation ensure maximum energy efficiency and power savings.

The brilliance lies in the details of the Efficient inlet water diffuser vertical horizontal direction, anode rod 2X life span water heater

Efficient Inlet Water Diffuser – Efficient inlet water diffuser breaks the incoming water jet into smaller streams, diverting the water flow from vertical to horizontal directions.

Long-Lasting Anode Rod – An optimized alloy that also works in a variety of water conditions, protecting the tank and heating element from corrosion.

Thermostat – helps to set the temperature of the hot water and makes the heating element non-operational once the set temperature is reached.

Reasons to Buy

  • 25 liter of storage capacity
  • Long-lasting Anode Rod

Reasons to Avoid

  • Verticle type


10] Bajaj New Shakti Storage 15 Litre Vertical Water Heater

best washing machine for hard water in India 2022
Bajaj New Shakti Storage 15 Litre Vertical Water Heater Specifications

Capacity 15 liter
Star Rating 4
Heating 2000 Watts
Weight 10.7 KG

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Bajaj’s New Shakti geyser comes on the list, This geyser actually comes with 15 Litres of water storage capacity of 2 Kilowatts of water heating level from this device.

It has Multiple safety systems for protection against dry heating, overheating, and overpressure indication and is also high heating long-life device, so you have to try this one.

Suitable for tall buildings: With 8 bar pressure, the water heater can withstand up to 8.0 kg / cm2 and is suitable for tall buildings.

Titanium Armor Technology is a special inner tank coating that prevents corrosion and corrosion and leads to long tank life. The energy-efficient Bajaj Calendar Storage Water Heater is sufficient to meet your daily needs of hot water and complies with BEE standards, and specifications are subject to change.

Reason To Buy

  • Fire Retardant cable with a 3-pin plug.
  • Glass-lined Coated Inner Tank.
  • High Efficiency and long life Incoloy Heating Element.

Reason To Avoid

  • No Indication of water level


Best Geyser Buying Guide for 2023:

India is famous for its extreme weather conditions; As we are well aware of the changing temperatures, it is always better to be fully equipped to deal with these climate changes.

Though we love the winter weather, we should hand it over to the man who invented the water heater to help us bathe in the cold, freezing winters of India. A rattling of teeth and a trembling body can only be stopped by a warm, relaxing bath. That’s where our hero, the “water heater,” comes in.

If some basic questions come to your mind while buying a water heater, don’t worry we’ve got it covered.

Want to know how a water heater works?
A typical electric water heater operates on a simple mechanism, an electric heating unit connected to a 220-volt circuit. To heat the water, the current is allowed to pass through a fixed electro-resistant heating element that is fixed in the middle of the tank. Electricity is supplied through a thermostat, which regulates the temperature of the water.

We have a new way to get hot water without worrying about rising electricity charges i.e. solar water heater. The solar water heating system works on the principle of the thermosyphon process and forced circulation. It uses solar energy and can deliver hot water up to 50-70C*. The core of an ETC solar water heater is a solar collector, which is a tube and a storage tank.

The evacuated tube acts as an absorber in the solar water heater and the evacuated tube consists of two glass tubes with a vacuum as an excellent insulator. The incident solar radiation falling on the tube passes through the outer transparent tube and strikes the outer surface of the inner tube.

It absorbs the heat energy and then passes into the cold water flowing into the tube. Thus a solar collector converts the sun’s radiation into heat. A storage tank is exactly what it sounds like; It holds water. An evacuated tube technology-based solar water heating system is the most energy-efficient and cost-effective.

What to Look for in a Water Heater/Geyser

Geysers are also known as water heaters. A geyser is an element used in the water heater, this element heats the water on the power supply. However, water heaters are synonymously called geysers. As a guarantee one should always look for the best Geyser brands, good customer service/support and safety are offered by Branded Geysers. Buying an unbranded geyser for home use would be akin to betting on hard-earned cash on falling stocks.

Geysers from lesser-known brands may seem profitable from a price point of view. But it will not be the right product to use from a safety point of view and it will not meet the required standards. Buying a geyser must disclose the material used in the construction of its internal tank as it is the core of the geyser. Some of the best water heater brands in India make sure that they disclose the ingredients in the product description.

Geysers using more than the required amount of electricity/electricity should be avoided Always buy geysers that meet the ISI standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standards, this will ensure that the maintenance of the geyser is minimal. As per the prescribed standards in India, products without ISI marks increase the cost depending on the availability and brand of the parts like Geyser Heating Element, Service Cost, and Geyser Thermostat.

Buying a geyser is not a complicated task, one must focus on the important features of the geyser. The thermostat is probably the most essential feature. The thermostat is important because it allows one to control the temperature of the water. Most geysers have a knob present that allows the temperature to be adjusted.

Best Geyser in India 2022

There are also some high-end models by which one can manually select a particular temperature. Some geysers also come with digital meters that display the exact temperature of the water. Some water heaters are geysers that regulate the power of the heating element depending on the season. The performance of a geyser is influenced by this important and unique feature.

Added to the above features, security features are very important. Most of the best electric geysers come with safety valves that act as an added layer of protection. They regulate the pressure and temperature of the water heater and prevent it from overheating.

If one wants to buy the best gas geyser then he should inquire about the ventilation system in case of gas geysers. Some geysers also have some advanced features, such as a remote control, which allows the water temperature to be controlled remotely.

Timers also come with some water heaters, which allow the desired water temperature to be set for a specific amount of time.

The next important aspect to look for in a geyser is the size which mostly depends on the type of geyser. Most of the homes have small bathrooms and hence, it is necessary to buy elegant and small geysers. It is common knowledge that a larger geyser will be more difficult to install.

Before selecting the model, one must also consider the specific location where one wishes to install the water heater. The geyser should be installed at a certain height and where there is the availability of a tap or water pipe. The look and feel of a water heater are just as important as most people want it to blend with their bathroom design.

Many water heaters have an outer body made of stainless steel. They are mainly offered in shades that are subtle and also have a glossy finish. Some geysers ensure longer life due to their superior corrosion-resistant bodies.

Today, most manufacturers are offering geysers with unique-looking designs on traditionally cylindrical bodies. Such elegant designs also focus on tackling space constraints by making them easy to install. The maintenance of the geyser also depends mainly on the type of geyser used.

Precautions to Be Taken for Better Durability of Geysers

The geyser should always be switched off to avoid cases of overheating. Try to lower the water temperature as much as possible. Storage tanks should be cleaned periodically, especially if you have a tank geyser. It prevents corrosion and ensures long life. It also improves efficiency. Please inquire about the warranty that is provided by the manufacturer of the water heater.

A minimum warranty of at least 2 years is provided by most manufacturers. Some manufacturers also provide specific warranty periods for various water heater spare parts. You should also inquire about extended warranties.

Electricity consumption is becoming very high in India and the sources of electricity generation in India are less, due to which there are still many villages in India where there is no electricity. It is his moral duty to save electricity as much as possible.

Geysers have power-saving systems which ensure that the power consumption is not high. Buying a geyser also saves electricity. Geysers also have storage tanks that store hot water. If you follow these tips, the water heater will last longer as well as have lower maintenance costs.

*Depends on ambient temperature

How many types of water heaters are available in the market?
Who doesn’t like options? Even in the specific area of ​​the water heater, there are many options available in the market for you to choose from. Based on your needs and convenience, you can shop for a suitable water heater.

1. Storage Geyser (6 liters and above):
The most basic and classic form of water heater is the storage water heater. They are widely used for domestic purposes. The reason behind being called a storage water heater is the storage tank inside the appliance. It can store hot water for a long time even without electricity and allows it to be used when needed. The range of storage water heaters is divided into specific products with distinct features,

All storage geysers come with a built-in tank. The tank holds the water and then, the water is heated. Hot water flows from above through another pipe. Storage geysers have a big problem because when the water in the tank freezes, its temperature starts decreasing.

Storage geysers are available in different storage capacities and depend on the size of the tanks. The capacity of the tanks ranges from 1 liter to 30 liters. You can select the ideal storage capacity based on your daily requirement.

For larger homes, larger capacities are available. The capacity of the water heater should be selected based on the amount of water that will be required daily. A family of 3 members will need at least 20 liters of hot water for bathing. In such a situation, a storage geyser of 25 liters will be right. Obviously if one uses a bathtub or shower then a large storage geyser will be needed.

2. Instant water heater (1-3 liters)
Instant water heaters are high-powered devices that heat water instantly. This type of water heater is very compact and suitable for small bathrooms and kitchens where space is scarce. There are several varieties available in this range:
a. spring hot subway
ns sprint hot
c. eyeball

Read more about V-Guard instant water heater models.

3. Solar Water Heater
Solar water heaters are eco-friendly which serves their purpose and also helps us to promote sustainability. They convert renewable solar energy into heat using a solar thermal collector. Here are the available categories:

V-Hot Series
NS Win-Hot Series
SSL commercial chain
I. We Hot Commercial Series

Browse through V-Guard Solar Water Heater and choose the right model for your home and work.

4. Gas Water Heater
Gas water heaters are those which run on LPG. They get their supply through gas pipelines/cylinders and they are highly energy efficient. They are light in weight and also very economical.

Gas geysers are becoming increasingly popular in the Indian market. Gases like propane gas and LPG are used by gas geysers to heat water. People who have piped gas connections in their homes must buy a gas geyser. They have the unique feature of heating water much faster than their electric counterparts. In addition, gas geysers are quite economical to use.

A study shows that gas geysers have lower operating costs than electric geysers. The size factor becomes the only disadvantage/defect of the gas geyser. Ventilation units require more space because they are quite large. Every gas geyser requires a connection to a gas source which makes installing a gas geyser a complex task as compared to the installation of an electric geyser.

After deciding the type of geyser one needs to consider whether to buy a geyser with a tank or without a tank.

5. Immersion Heater Rod
This tribal technique of using heater rods, not appliances, is a convenient and useful way to heat water. Thanks to its compact size, the immersion heater rod can be easily accommodated in a storage space or cabinet. It’s designed for quick heating, has a hanging hook, an indicator light for safe operation, and also a water level indicator, what else could one want?

6]. Electric Geysers

An electric heating element is used by the best electric geysers to heat the water. Electric geysers are used in most homes as they are the best geysers for home use. These have the special feature of heating water to a higher temperature than gas geysers.

The cost of this geyser is not high but its operating cost is high compared to other types. Running costs are reduced, although more heating elements are used that are efficient in doing so. Due to the simple mechanism, they are quite easy to maintain and use. Electric geysers are safer than gas geysers. Electric geysers are smaller than gas geysers (this also depends on the tanks used). Therefore, they are easy to install.

What specific factors should you consider when buying a water heater?

Buying a water heater is no rocket science, but there are a few specific factors to keep in mind when investing in one.

a) Family Size:
Your daily water requirement is one of the main factors that should decide the capacity of your water heater. Below is a rough idea of ​​the capabilities required for average use. Please note that this is indicated as capacity varies according to water usage patterns, inlet water temperature, and weather conditions.

Capacity Criteria

  • 6-10L 2 people per bathroom
  • 15L 1 – 2 persons per bathroom in cold climates
  • 15 liters or more 3 – 4 people per bathroom
  • 25L 3 – 4 people per bathroom in cold climates
  • 35 liters or more than 4 people, Bathtub
  • Instant water heater kitchen, need light hot water

b) Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency products are good for your pocket and our environment. Hence, it is a smart choice to go with water heaters which are low power consumption and highly efficient. The energy efficiency of a water heater is indicated by its Energy Star rating i.e. the higher the rating, the higher the energy efficiency of the product.

c) After-sales service
Water heaters are sensitive equipment and must be maintained regularly. Good after-sales service support is very important to repair geysers in case of malfunction. Click here to view all authorized V-Guard Service Centers in your locality.

Our customer service team is constantly working to provide prompt resolution to your product and service complaints. Visit our Customer Service page to log in to your questions now.

d) Water type
Many people underestimate the damage hard water can do to your water heater. Hard water contains high levels of mineral salts such as calcium and magnesium. Minerals present in hard water can cause scaling. Over time, this begins to interfere with the efficiency of the water heater.

At V-Guard we understand this and we have a wide variety of water heaters that are suitable for heating hard water as well.

e) Pressure Pump Compatibility
Pressure pump applications are required for water heaters in the case of tall buildings. Most of the water heaters available in the market are prone to leaking when exposed to high water pressure. V-Guard’s range of water heaters has high-pressure tolerance (up to 8 kg/cm2) which ensures they are pressure pump/high-rise building compatible.

f) Stylish
Who said essential tools can’t be beautiful? An ideal water heater does its job with utmost efficiency and also enhances the exterior of your bathroom. So while investing in a good water heater, consider its aesthetics as well.

Best Geyser Brands in India 2023


Headquarters: Noida, India.

Havells is the No.1 geyser brand in India which was established by the Late Sh Haveli Ram Gandhi in 1958 later the company was acquired by one of the distributors Mr. Gupta.

The company has 23 branches and provides employment to around 6000 workers across 50 countries. In India, it has 11 manufacturing units that majorly produce home appliances, kitchen appliances, Lighting, and cables & wires.

A water heater or geyser is one of the most popular products of Havells India Limited, For Almost all geysers the company provides 7 years warranty on the inner container, 4 years on the Heating Element, and 2 years of a comprehensive warranty.

The combined average ratings of all Havells geysers are 4.08/5 which is decent in my opinion however, there are few reviews on Amazon that point out poor quality after-sales services so make sure to enquire about the quality of after-sales services in your location before buying Havells water heater.


Headquarters: Kochi, Kerala

V-Guard is the 2nd best geyser brand in India which made its first sale in 1977 in Kochi, Kerala. V-Guard is popularly known as a voltage stabilizer brand as it is the market leader in the segment for decades.

Kochouseph Chittilappilly is the founder of V-Guard Industries, Mithun Chittilappilly is the sitting managing director and is a management student from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Apart from voltage stabilizers the company also manufactures electric cables, pumps, motors, geysers, solar water heaters, fans, and UPS are the popular products of V-Guard industries.

On most of the geyser models, the company provides 2 Years of brand warranty on the Product, 3 Years (Heating Coil) & 5 Years (Inner Tank). The warranty cover is comparatively less compared to its counterpart.

The average rating of all v-guard geyser models combined is 4.2/5 which is higher comparatively however kindly ensure to enquire about the quality of the after-sales service.


Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharastra.

Crompton is 3rd best geyser brand in India established in 1937 by Crompton Parkinson, later in 2016 a demerger happens which divided it into 2 companies i,e. Crompton Greaves Power and Industrial system and Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited.

The CGCEL majorly produces fans, appliances, and pumps across 4 manufacturing units across India and it also has an R&D center at Vikhroli.

Among home appliances geyser is one of the popular products of the company, for almost all geyser (Water Heater) models Crompton provides,

A 5-year warranty on the Tank, a 2-year warranty on the Element, and a 2-year warranty on the Product provided by Crompton from the date of purchase.

The combined average rating of all geyser models is 3.9/5 and there are some considerable amounts of ratings on Amazon.

This points out the poor or worst after-sales services of Crompton brand however kindly ensure the services in your locality before buying Crompton brand geysers.

AO Smith

Headquarters: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

AO Smith is a multinational company that operates across the globe it is founded by Arthur Oliver Smith in 1874, the 5 major manufacturing units are located in USA, India, China, and the Netherlands. AO Smith is the 4th best geyser brand in India.

AO Smith is well known and popular water heater manufacturing brand worldwide. Over the past decade, this brand is making its space in the water heater market and launched feature-rich models throughout the years in India.

The company provides only 2 years of warranty to almost all geyser models which are way below its counterpart. However, the online rating average for all geysers of AO Smith combined counts as 4.06/5 which is better than the other brand.

So if you trust AO Smith as it is a global brand then only buy their geyser else you can explore Indian brands.

Orient Electric

Headquarters: New Delhi, India.

Orient Electric is the 5th best geyser brand in India and it is an India MNC producing electrical equipment like home appliances, fans, lighting, and switchgear.

The company was founded by CK Birla in 1954 based in New Delhi. It has 3 major manufacturing units in India i,e. Kolkata, Noida, and Faridabad jointly export to over 35 countries.

Talking about the geyser warranty, for most of the geyser models the company provides 5 years brand warranty on the tank, and 2 years on the product which is comparatively lesser than the counterpart.

The combined average rating of all geysers is 3.6/5 and there is some bad review for orient geysers, therefore, I don’t recommend this brand.


Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharastra.

Bajaj electricals limited is the 6th best geyser brand which was established in 1938 by Kamalnayan Bajaj based in Mumbai Maharastra and it is part of the Bajaj Group. It is involved in the manufacturing of lighting, luminaries, appliances, fans, etc.

Bajaj electricals has 19 branches across the country with a loop of 1000+ distributors, 4000 authorized dealers, and 400000 retail stores which is supported by 282 customer care centers.

For most of the geyser models, Bajaj covers 5 years of brand warranty for the tank, 2 years of brand warranty for the element, and 1 year of brand warranty for the product.

Even though the warranty coverage is lesser than the competition, Bajaj as a brand is guaranteed.

The average rating of all combined geyser models is 4.1/5 which is competitive where other brand sucks to gain trust from its customer.


Headquarters: Pune, Maharastra.

Racold is the 7th best geyser brand in India and it is a multinational water heater manufacturer established in 1930 later in 1990 Ariston Thermo acquired Racold for India’s business.

Racold provides a 2 years brand warranty on the product, 3 years brand warranty on the Heating element, and 7 years of brand warranty on the Tank.

So here the brands are competing with each other to provide a warranty so in the end you as a customer will get benefit from the brand competition.

The combined average rating of all geyser models from Racold is 3.8/5 which is lesser than its counterpart.

So I can conclude that the brand is providing extra warranty because they know that their product will not last long also there are some reviews on Amazon supporting this statement.


Headquarters: Gurugram, Haryana.

Hindware is the 8th-best geyser brand in India and it is one of the oldest electrical companies in India and also one of the major home appliance manufacturers based in Gurugram, Haryana.

Geysers are the popular product of this company and they will provide a 5 years brand warranty on the tank, 2 years brand warranty on the product & 2 years brand warranty on Heating Element which is comparatively decent.

The combined average rating of all geyser models is 3.9/5 which is lesser than its counterpart also we can observe some of the reviews are bad and the customer has an issue with the after-sales services of this brand,

Therefore kindly ensure about the after-sales services in your locality before buying a Hindware geyser.

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1]. Which geyser is best for home?

Bajaj Calenta is the best geyser for home use in India 2023, it comes with 2000 watt wattage and 8 powerful pressure bars for productive results while heating water.

2]. Is a geyser a water heater?

Yes, basically a storage geyser called a water heater comes with a built-in storage tank that stores hot water for a long time. On the other hand, instantaneous water heaters are appliances that heat water on demand.

3]. How do I protect my geyser from hard water?

You can choose a geyser that can work well with hard water, so V-Guard is the best choice for hard water use.

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