Hemant Kumar Aasiwal: The Journey from Passion to an Award-Winning Poet

The beauty of passion lies in the fact that its essence reaches its zenith, once we start to follow it passionately. Indeed! Apart from our profession; there lie few things which act as a soothing element for our soul. And without a tinge of doubt; these make us more than happy. This happiness increases manifold when we get recognition for this passion and we are blessed to have Hemant Kumar Aasiwal as an epitome of passion.

Hemant Kumar Aasiwal; a young poet from the land of Rajasthan has made his mark as a poet. From scribbling poetry on the back of his diary; he has come a long way. A poet who puts his emotions in his mother tongue, i.e., Hindi language has been an accomplished poet who has recited poetry all over the country. Not just poetry; Mr. Aasiwal is an avid storyteller whose story is a part of the renowned anthology; Zindagi was launched in IIT Jodhpur by the acclaimed poet; Dinesh Bawara.

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His soulful poem; Phasal got awarded as the Best Poem of the year 2020 in the highly coveted The LIT Fest 2020. The LIT Fest 2020 was organized by The Literary Mirror. In the words of Nitish Raj; Editor-in-Chief, The Literary Mirror” We are committed to providing a platform to the young poets and storytellers who are passionate towards not just literature but also crafting such meaningful works which could act as a torchbearer for the society”.

Phasal is a poem depicting the plight of a farmer who can just assure his child to fulfill their basic needs, leave aside their dreams. Those farmers whose all aspirations and assurance are solely based on his harvest. The harvest which if comes in bounty brings happiness to the whole family otherwise he is devoid of any other alternative.

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