How to Get in Touch with Verified Packers and Movers in Bangalore

Moving is an extremely difficult process, especially in a crowded and busy city like Bangalore, However, with the help of the right professional packers and movers in Bangalore, you will not feel the hassle of relocation.

They will take complete responsibility for packing and moving your things in a safe manner and within the expected time.

Although there are many experienced & professional relocation service providers, you will also find a good number of fake and unprofessional moving companies in the market. Getting in touch with such fraudsters can lead to many problems like price hikes during the move, inferior quality services, permanent damages to your items, theft, and so on.

Thus, hiring verified packers and movers in Bangalore requires thorough online research and authentication of moving company details; this will help you to shortlist genuine companies. You should visit their websites, check their customer reviews, and collect their contact information.

Read on to know the list of things you must check to verify the moving company details.

Credibility, License, and Manpower

Verify the credibility of the company, and GST registration to make sure that they have a license to carry out the services. Visiting their office at the given address is a good idea to ensure they have a real and professional office set up. Another point to check is if they have their staff under the direct payroll or are they local hires?

Transparency is required from a good company; a professional mover will provide sufficient details about both service guarantees and customer support. The customer should be given excellent support and communication with all necessary information and the company should be always
reachable to provide pickup and delivery updates.

Experience & Specialization

The company should be aware of the methods and processes of moving. Most moving companies in Bangalore can deal with all possible obstacles that may arise during the move and plan accordingly.

Not every company would provide the services you require; you should be able to seek out movers who are suited for your needs of service. Not just that, you must also make sure they have the exact knowledge and skills to fulfill the required relocation needs with utmost safety and service quality.

Resources Used

A good company will have the resources to carry out packaging, moving, and transport. They should make use of good quality packaging materials and their own vehicles for transport.

A company using third-party resources could charge extra and it can also be difficult to depend on them to complete your work successfully.

Insurance Services

The most important detail to verify is if the company provides insurance cover to safeguard your valuables during transport. Some movers may also provide complete insurance cover to ensure 100% protection of your items throughout the process of packing, moving, and transporting.

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Compare quotes and hidden charges

Discuss your list of shifting requirements with the movers and get the approximate cost estimates. Make sure to speak with multiple movers so that you can compare different quotations and analyze their offered services before selecting the one offering better value for money.

Cost quotation can increase depending on the number of items, so it’s best to discard unwanted items before the pre-move survey.
Also, you must find out about any hidden charges before finalizing. All the agreements should be provided in writing to avoid last-minute trouble.


It is always advised to make your payments in installments, half in advance and the final amount after moving. Doing so will help you avoid major mishaps such as not being compensated for your damages, or the worst experience possible of having your items stolen after you have paid the full

Moving fragile pieces of equipment would not be easier so if in case any damages occur there is no further need for negotiation if the insurance is already applied make sure that you pay the remaining amount only after your items are safely delivered and checked.

The Final Words

The best website to get in touch with genuine and top-rated moving companies in India is, the leading movers and packers directory online.

They offer a list of fully verified relocation firms in Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and many other (25+) cities in the country.

All you need to do is share your relocation details with them and they will quickly give you referrals of the top 3 best-matched moving companies as per your requirements and budget.

You just need to discuss your shifting needs, ask for a pre-move survey, get cost quotations, compare the company profiles and services offered, and pick the best-suited moving company or best-verified car transportation service to hire.
Transfer the burden of house shifting to your hired movers and have a Happy Relocation Experience!

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