Jyoti Jha: A Second Inning- Journey of a Writer, Blogger, and an Author

From the ancient epics to modern storytelling, stories and books have largely influenced the mindset of people throughout the span of time. Literature holds the power to impact the course of history. Apart from yielding total bliss through escapism to distant lands even from within the confines of four walls, books and literature transcend over time and become a part of our culture, living, and edification.

When we explore literature, the acknowledgment of writers, authors, reviewers, critiques, poets, and so on, becomes inherent. In earlier times, it used to take years before a contribution to literature would get recognition.
Those unbounded hours of retreating into an encapsulated space, wandering around the ocean of thoughts, and letting those imaginations express through creative words; how many such striving souls keep pouring out their vision onto papers and continue to await that moment of recognition that could propel their dreams towards the possibility of becoming a reality in the literary world.
With the advent of the technological era, boundaries are being broken down and what remained arcane earlier, has become easy to access, assess, and accredit.

One such distinguished platform has been brought forward by individuals like Nitish Raj (Editor-in-chief) and the team of The Literary Mirror who invite entries from across domains and geographies in the literary world and recognize talent in this field. The unique concept of the drive is to acknowledge and award the talents from different areas of literature without any distinction whatsoever between experienced writers and the emerging ones. The talent is recognized on sole merit and duly honored to boost the endeavours of both participants and winners.

Holding on to its mission and objective, the eminent Jury members of the LitFest 2020 recognized Jyoti Jha as ‘The Best Reviewer of the year 2020’. Jyoti Jha is a creative writer and author, and a winner of TOI Write India Season 3. An MBA by profession and having worked with companies like Whirlpool and Infosys in the past, she made a conscious choice of taking a break from her career during which she travelled places with her family.
Her passion for expressing through words, observational nature, and intensive listening skills, motivated her to embark on her second inning in the field of creative and content writing almost a decade later. Writing for her is liberating, and a process of self-discovery and continuous learning. Many of her posts like ‘Recycling- A contemporary scope of eco-architecture’, ‘Indian Startups- All doom and Gloom’ have been featured and published. She is a contributing author in the unique Anthology ‘The Woman That I Am’.
A globe-trotter, and an avid reader, she likes tussling with words to find her voice, and she journeys through ponders and daydreams on her blog site ‘My Views and Reviews’.
While the winning trophy of TOI Write India gave wind beneath her wings, an appreciation of her review of a movie provided her a booster dose of confidence. She plunged into the world of writing and reviewing. She has reviewed several movies, books, and web-series which have been well appreciated by the industry.

Her debut book ‘Around The World Through My Lens’ is a travelogue and an amazon bestseller nominated for LitFest 2020. The book brings a visual treat to its readers of some amazing places from across the globe, presented through the author’s experience. Memories, footprints, and the yearning to visit some known locations and a few offbeat ones, all of them expressed through words and pictures, with a touch of personal details and the author’s exceptional experiences with these destinations.

The author believes that life is not meant to be in one place, and amidst the scare of the pandemic, she feels nostalgic and reminisces her memories of these beautiful places she has had the opportunity to have lived and visited over a decade.
She thinks that a contribution in the form of this book would certainly inspire at least a few to pick up their backpacks and go exploring as the world becomes accessible, and until then keep the motivation high of seeing the world yet again.
The book has been featured as ‘one of the masterpieces not to miss this Christmas’ by the esteemed newspaper ‘The Statesman’.

Her journey has been of a Writer, Blogger, Author, and Reviewer, and as she reveres the experience of becoming a part of this splendid journey, an honor such as ‘Reviewer of the year 2020’ by The Literary Mirror fills her with optimism and anticipation of a continued expedition in the literary world and she strives to deliver her best.

This wonderful opportunity created and provided by Literary Mirror is a motivation and inspiration to those talents aspiring to prosper in the literary world, because the platform not only prepares a launchpad for the artistry but also imparts long-term sustenance in the world of literature.

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