Karnataka: Curfew in Belagavi as govt cars attacked over desecration of bust

Karnataka: Curfew in Belagavi as govt cars attacked over desecration of bust

bust of a famed Kannada legionnaire and freedom fighter Sangolli Rayanna was damaged, one police vehicle was set on fire and several Karnataka government vehicles were sharpened in a brief spell of violence.

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. The violence in Belagavi passed after the downtime session of the Karnataka Assembly — being held in Belagavi since December 13 — closed for the weekend on Friday. ( Train)
A series of retaliatory skirmishes over the last week between Kannada and Marathi language superpatriots in Belagavi region and corridor of Karnataka and Maharashtra redounded in an attack on Karnataka police and government vehicles by a group of defacers in Belagavi after night Friday, leading to the authorities assessing a curfew in Belagavi megacity on Saturday to help farther incidents.

bust of a famed Kannada legionnaire and freedom fighter Sangolli Rayanna was damaged, one police vehicle was set on fire and several Karnataka government vehicles were sharpened in a brief spell of violence in Belagavi megacity early Saturday. No bone was reported injured.

Stating that many apprehensions have been made, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said on Saturday, “ Our DGP will speak to his counterpart in Maharashtra about security for Kannadigas and attacks on motorcars and private vehicles from Karnataka. Our Home Minister will take up the issue with his Maharashtracounterpart. However, I’ll speak to the Maharashtra CM, If necessary.”

On the contended profanation of a statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in Bengaluru before, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, in a statementdemanded immediate intervention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the issue to stop “ Kannada atrocities”, and to instruct Karnataka government to take immediate action against those involved in the incident.

Shiv Sena workers held a kick outside the BJP’s office in Nariman Point in South Mumbai.

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The incidents of violence in Belagavi passed after the downtime session of Karnataka Assembly — being held in Belagavi since December 13 — closed for the weekend on Friday autumn.

On Saturday, the office of Belagavi megacity police manager stated in a release, “ In view of night conditioning in Belagavi megacity, prohibitory order is assessed under section 144 CrPC from Saturday 8 am to Sunday 6 pm, for Belagavi police commissioner area which comprises Belagavi taluk.”

Four separate cases have been registered over the violence, which was stewing below the face since December 13, when Maharashtra Ekikaran Sangh (MES), an original-Marathi political partywas averted from holding a Maha Melava rally outside the Assembly venue.

The rally has been organized outside the same venue in history by MES to seek the junction of Marathi areas of Belagavi with Maharashtra. On December 13, the Belagavi quarter administration canceled authorization for the rally at the last momentstewing clashes between pro-Marathi and pro-Kannada activists.

But indeed after it was canceled, many MES activists gathered at the venue and were involved in a battle with Kannada activists from Karnataka Navanirmana Vedike. The Kannada activists threw black essays on the faces of MES leaders Manohar Kinekar and Deepak Dalvi. The two leaders latterly delivered speeches at the venue of the canceled rally.

Three Kannada activists were arrested over the incident.

A Shiv Sena leader, Vijay Devani, from bordering Kolhapur in Maharashtra, who was traveling to share in the MES rallywas transferred back by Belagavi police on the grounds that the rally had been canceled.

The MES, which has in history won seats in Karnataka Assembly with its docket of Maharashtra junctionlatterly called for a Belagavi bandh on December 14. The bandh call elicited onlypartial response in Maharashtrian-dominant areas of the megacity.

A Karnataka flag was reportedly burnt in demurrers held in Kolhapur around the time of pressure and this issue was raised in Karnataka Assembly by JD (S) MLA M Annadani — he moved a stricture stir, which was espoused by the Assembly.

Pro-Marathi activists latterly allegedly damaged a bust of Sangolli Rayanna in Angol, south Belagavi, on Friday.

After this, there were reports that a statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had been profaned in a position in Bengaluru pro-Kannada groups. On Friday, a crowd gathered near Sambhaji circle in Belagavi after this news spread.

Chief Minister Bommai said “ I’ve instructed the home minister to take strict action against those who violate law and order. Many persons have been arrested. Those indulging in acts of vandalization like gravestone-pelting, destroying public property, and dangerous government vehicles will be dealt with brutally.”

“ Statues are erected to pay felicitations, not to beget social uneasiness. Many rudiments are indulging in similar intolerable acts,” he said.

Bommai also said, “ Chhatrapati Shivaji, Sangolli Rayanna, and Kitturu Rani Chennamma … fought to unite the country …. Nothing should incite people to take the law into their hands.”

Karnataka opposition leaders Siddaramaiah, D K Shivakumar, and H D Kumaraswamy have stated that profanation of statues of freedom fighters was done by anti-nationals.

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