Koppal’s Toy Cluster will be commissioned in March 2022

The Koppal Toy Cluster (KTC), the first similar structure in the country, will be functional in March 2022, said Aravind Melligeri, president and CEO of Aequs. KTC is being set up by Aequs Infra, a group company of Belagavi- grounded AequsPvt.Ltd.

Six toy and toy- element makers have inked MoUs with Aequs Infra while another three playersincluding Viscon Polymers, manufacturer and exporter of custom rubber moulded productshave started construction of their product installations at KTC.Mr. Melligeri told The Hindu “ At least three manufacturing units are anticipated to be functional by March 2022. Several other marquee toys brands have shown interest in setting up their manufacturing installations at Koppal.”

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KTC that’s coming up on a spread of over 400 acres of land will comprise the entire value chain of capabilities ranging from toy timberproduct of packaging, tool timbermakeup timberdeveloping electronics and other accessories.

The cluster is also estimated to attract an investment of over ₹ crore and produce over direct jobs ( substantially for women in North Karnataka) and over a lakh circular jobs.

At completion, the cluster will house over 100 large and small manufacturing units in SEZ and domestic tariff area (DTA) for exports and domestic requestsindependently. KTC would also feature an incubation centre for toy manufacturing and ancillary conditioningsaid Aequs.

According toMr. Melligeri, segmentation of the toy assiduity is intriguing and types of toys include plush toys, electronic toys, games and mystificationsconstruction and structure toys, dollssportsout-of-door play toys, child/pre-school toys, and exertion toys. Educational toys are a sizable part of this request. “ What we’ve noticed is that toys are decreasingly getting electronic in nature and are more curiosity– drivenPhysical toys are chancing it delicate to contend with widgets, and the most popular toys moment are related to popular societies like pictures and Television showsStill, the biggest requests for toys remain remote– controlled-on toys, and electronic toy vehicles,” he developed.

The Indian toy assiduity is largely fractured, with around units of colorful sizes operating. “ The systematized sector accounts for only 10 of this,” said Sharad Kapoor, general clerk, The Toy Association of India. But the eventuality for growth was good with high demand for toys driven by youthful population, rising disposable incomechanging spending patterns, and shift from traditional toys to innovativeintelligent electronic toys,Mr. Melligeri said.

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