Literia Insight signs Award-Winning Poetess Ellora Mishra

During the COVID era, a lot of literary festivals and events had to adopt digital means in order to embrace the new normal. The LIT Digital Awards 2020 organized by Literary Mirror with Literia Insight was one such event. The coveted event endeavored to boost the morale of the literary fraternity by calling in for participants in the genres of fiction and poetry. Among the 55 nominated books in the said event the award was won by ‘Dots & Streaks’ written by a debutant author Ellora Mishra.

Ellora Mishra is an ex-corporate banker and an Engineer from BITS Pilani, Rajasthan, and MBA from XIMB, Bhubaneswar by qualifications. She had been a closet writer till now juggling between her corporate career and intermittent blogging all this while. She rekindled her passion for writing after she relocated to the Netherlands with her family. ‘Dots & Streaks’ happens to be her debut book in the genre of poetry which she penned down as a participant in the Blogchatter A2Z 2020 challenge.


In the world of literature, poetry is a genre which delves deep into the soul of the readers and evokes a multitude of feelings while fiction weaves tales of imagination transporting the readers to a different plane. The book ‘Dots & Streaks’ with élan brings together both the flavors, that of fiction and poetry thus resonating well with the readers of both these genres. The book is a philosophical journey exploring varied nuances of life in the form of fictional anecdotes woven in lyrical verses. The metaphorical tales concocted around various inanimate objects make one ponder and delve deeper into the various psychological aspects of life at large.

While the book speaks about the essence of life residing in the mundane, it also motivates the readers to embrace the finer emotions like those of self-worth, ego, the understanding cycle of life, living in the moment, hope, rising from failure, strength in pain, futile pursuits and many more. In the words of Nitish Raj, Editor-in-Chief, The Literary Mirror “A masterly woven euphoria! Dots & Streaks just delves you into a deeper serenity and touches the right strings of your heart.”

The book ‘Dots & Streaks’ was initially launched as a part of the Blogchatter e-book 2020 carnival. Being the winner of The LIT Digital 2020 award the book has also been signed up by Literia Insight which is one of the leading literary agencies. Literia Insight has now successfully pitched and secured the publishing deal for the book with Bigfoot Publications, the fastest-growing publisher in the country.

In the words of Literia Insight “We are more than happy to have come across and on-boarded a gem like ‘Dots & Streaks’ through our recent literary event of the LIT Digital Awards. The debut poetess had made a huge shout out to the literary fraternity by grabbing the coveted award. We are delighted to have pitched her creative masterpiece with Bigfoot Publications and secure a publishing deal for the book as a part of the award. We are sure that the author’s beautifully crafted soulful words will definitely be well received.”

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