Aniyan Midhun will represent India in the upcoming World Pro Wushu Sanda 2022

Aniyan Midhun [born 18-06-1992] is an Indian Wushu, Also known as Son of Arabian Sea, His native place is Kerala, but at present, he lived in Bangalore for a few years and trained in the same currently situated place.

He won the gold medal in the 70kg category at the 2021 South Asia Wushu Championship. He was part of a team of ten who represented India at the South Asian Wushu Championships in Nepal on March 30 and 31, 2021.

This was also Midhun’s first international championship, Midhun also bagged the best performance award in the same championship, Midhun also holds the world record for the fastest knockout win. Midhun is also a Nobel laureate for human rights in Jammu and Kashmir.

Aniyan Midhun will represent India in the upcoming World Pro Wushu Sanda 2022

Midhun is training under former Indian player Kuldeep Handu. Midhun is competing in the 70 kg category in Thailand. The matches will be held from December 2 to 5. The tournament, which was supposed to be held in June, has been postponed to December due to covid.

Midhun started his martial arts career at a very young age with karate and kick boxing. Midhun switched to Wushu when he was in the 7th standard.

Midhun, who is known as the son of the Arabian Sea in the world wushu field, is aiming for success in the world championship in Thailand. Midhun’s other goals are to participate in the Pro Boxing Championship and the India-Pakistan Challenging Wushu Championship in Dubai in February next year.

Midhun won the gold medal at the first South Indian and International Championships in the Indian team, and he was recognized as a South Asian Wushu Gold Medalist, National Champion in Kickboxing, and a Black Belt Holder, and is now selected for the World Championship.


  • He was honored with the World’s Best Fighter Award.
  • He holds the world record in Wushu
  • South Asia Gold Medalist.
  • He received Human rights Nobel Award

1 व्यक्ति और वह टेक्स्ट जिसमें 'RUSTTRUTHTRASPARENCT HUMANRIGHTS NOBEL AWARD This Award is Presented By Global Luman Rights Trust SPECIAL STATUS:UNITED NATION DEPTT. OF ECONOMIC AND SOC SOCIAL AFFAIR PresentedTo Aniyan Midhun (Midhun Mohan) WUSHU FIGHTER The Human Rights Nobel Award is the highest Honorary Award of the Republic of India. instituted on 3rd of January 2021. The Award is conferred in recognition of exceptional services, performance of the highest order, without distinction of Caste, Color, Creed, Religion and Sex. 9001 022 CERTIFIED जयते Dr.HRRehman' लिखा है की फ़ोटो हो सकती है

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The upcoming Pro Wushu Sanda Fights will start in Thailand and India, Pakistan, the USA, Thailand, China, etc. will probably be participating countries. and Aniyan Midhun was representing India.

Garmin, Xpeed, Absolute nutrition, and Zyklus are the top brands were at presently offering him sponsorship for the participation of all the upcoming events.

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