Ravi D. Channannanavar as the New SP in the Bangalore Rural

Bangalore, Karnataka: Ravi D. Channannanavar take charge as New SP of Bangalore Rural.

The state government of Karnataka Transfer of government officials office like DC, and Police Officers it’s No stranger, Now Known as the Singam of Karnataka by Ravi D. Channannanavar taken charge as a New SP for Bangalore Rural and join duty.


  • Ravi D. Channannanavar elects as New SP of Bangalore Rural.
  • Channannanavar warns local rowdy’s for illegal activity.
  • He, strongly warn about the Drugs and Ganja uses.
  • Ravi sir suggest stopping rowdyism around the city.

His work and services 

While working as Additional Superintendent of Police in Belgaum, he worked in communal riots. To control violence in Shimoga, “Oneke formed an army force to promote civil defense. Self-defense training, people-friendly police and the construction of village shelters. Police canteens to assist police personnel. And medical Advised implementing the programs. ” “A project of sorts” to help children. They help students to be free. Ulak Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) started training for the exam.

Ravi D. Channannanavar, Bangalore

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1 thought on “Ravi D. Channannanavar as the New SP in the Bangalore Rural”

  1. Respected Ravi d Sir. PL PL PL take strict action against who is unnecessarly going out side in nelamangala if you want our help PL take and ask your police to make at least. 3 rounds inside all wards in nelamangala town. And make use of Mike it can be reach loudly more people. We are ready to help our people for awareness if necessary always with you thank you sir


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