The Juvenile Adults:- Not just an Oxymoron

I got the reflections so many times toward the end of this book. While unfolding every part of the story, I am more into the disclaimer that “it is not just an oxymoron”. The book:- Juvenile Adults published by Leadstart, wrap a wide spectrum of human emotions. Practical and emotional at the same time, they look at existence with an intentional cleavage. These stories are written to make you believe and reflect.

The Juvenile Adults:- Not just an Oxymoron

The clash to adapt to a new world’s standards, the frantic desire to succeed there,  leaving a well and fine life behind with expectations in your heart, and the love and heartache that your old life still bothers you with. The part of you holding onto your old identity while embracing new life with new beliefs and adjustment and then still escaping everything to stay connected to reality.

The book is like the surreal story of the protagonist Samson, who leaves his illustrious and high silhouette career in Bangalore to mentor and lead a family-owned business in the middle east. And with its richly developed culture and economics, not to mention a fully developed story takes a twirl, or rather a nightmare, whose purpose is to limit the content and broaden the story instead of to strengthen and promote it.

Samson, his wife Stella, and their eldest son Kenneth, all thrive in the new environment. Oman turns out to be a hidden jewel with many wonderful places to visit especially in Muscat.

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But suddenly everything falls apart. The year 2020 will forever be documented as the period when we all knocked over. But it was also the year we all got back up and were forced to put our broken pieces back together like never before.

Samson’s professional life becomes a rubble of some dramatic happenings. Everything happening around him seems surreal. Along with his family, he is compelled to leave the country and the onslaught of the Covid pandemic makes their life more complicated.

Gopala Gopala is the pseudonym of the author of Juvenile Adults. Gopala Gopala is a corporate business leader, lives in Bangalore for the last twenty years with his wife and this is his first book. He is a Civil Engineer and a PGDM from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

His last 20 years of professional working life have been in large companies holding leadership positions at CEO/MD levels managing Retail, e-commerce, Fashion, FMCG distribution, and Infrastructure businesses with a consistent record of accomplishment of high performance.

At work, he believes in combining digitalization, research-based analysis, risk-taking, and having a learning organization for success. Also combines economic and social contributions where possible.

He has been running half-marathons for many years and taking learnings from the same in professional life. His overall career spans hands-on experience with six large companies in India, the Middle East, and the UK in management roles and functions for nearly three decades.

His hobbies include running, going to the gym, cooking, listening to music, traveling, wine tasting, reading, and writing. These days in Covid times, cooking and reading take a lot of his time.

This book might feel a little too close to human emotional gratification because the present circumstances of the world are evenly interpreted.

Gopala as an author warrants attention. He’s sophisticated about the stories he hunts, he’s willing to go deep into human behavior to chase them, and he’s a master in his proficiency to parcel out data at just the right choice. A smartly strode story and multiple probabilities are discussed here followed by an unavoidable setback of expectations.

The reminiscence of the cycle of events, the battle followed by discomfort and suffering will leave you spellbound. The unfortunate side of the book will perish you in a world where appearing back might seem like a little bit of work. This book is sensitive in some of its parts. You will be able to balance the emotions this book has to offer. But you won’t be able to outline the consequences.

With every new chapter giving rise to more excitement and the zest to invade the best of the attending time, this book analyzes a whole other level of fascination and volatility. Restoring the estate of professional touch of books is the ultimate goal of writers, and writers like Gopala seem to succeed in it.

The touch of professional, personal and social life makes this book a great read. The book also discovers with you the beautiful spots of Oman and Canada.

Gopala’s characters are beaded in chapters that are well described and multidimensional within the tight confines of each story, leaving readers on a verge of emotions, the farewell to books seems hard. Readers keep wondering about the characters, and their predicament.

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