Ubuntu, a Feeling, Conclusion, and Experience of Pandemic

Where the cover says enough with its considerable colors and engaging title which doesn’t allow you to wait and this is how it becomes a page-turner.

‘Ubuntu’ takes you to covid days, in the pandemic times. Written with such clarity and infusion it helps you in uncovering the lost vulnerable self.

When you understood the existence gradually, with every passing day you were introduced to a new recipe, a new hobby but a former you. From finding love in times of quarantine, virtual weddings, E-School, or mastering the art of boredom in lockdown, every chapter proposes a prismatic view of life with a message to contemplate.

Where we tried new recipes in the kitchen, we also have attempted as a self-seeker. Where we got lost physically everywhere, we made a presence online. The book ‘Ubuntu’ also reflects the dark side of the pandemic, on how the life of affluent and needy was different, their sufferings, and miseries were unassociated.

The novel details the hobbies people discovered; thousands of youngsters came up with vivid start-up ideas. Some were missing their loved ones and some were shut with their loved ones. It further narrates the economic and educational challenges faced by the people.

DR. SHILPA AROSKAR is a pediatrician by profession and a writer by passion. She is currently Head, Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology, Reliance Hospital, Navi Mumbai. Gifted with the human touch, she has always gone beyond being a clinical professional to devoting her efforts towards being a force for good. Whether as President of the Indian Association of Pediatrics, Navi Mumbai, or working with less privileged communities, her focus has been to create sustainable impact.

Each coin has two sides, whether to focus on the positive side or not. This book has where real-life examples. In the form of a fictional work, the author has penned down various perspectives of the life of the pandemic. The book doesn’t fail anyway to justify the title ‘ubuntu’ which means a quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity.

Covid 19 pandemic has had a consequence on every sphere of human endeavor. Ubuntu sees it from different viewpoints and discusses the precise modeling of epidemic dynamics.

Dr. Shilpa Aroskar, the bestselling author of YOLO, returns with a nuanced, bittersweet take on daily life in the pandemic. She is the frontline warrior herself, she shares the experiences of its obstacles, as well as the myriad tints of human emotion and demeanor hidden behind the masks. With her brand wit, she weaves untold stories of people from all spheres of life, in pandemic times.

The book touches on all main facets of the crisis, including the nature of viruses, up-gradation of health infrastructure, health systems and funding, treatment protocols, raises and answers questions about the quarantine, safety strategies, vaccines. The book also touches upon the deep crisis due to lockdown and we all suffered secretly.

It is also the story of many people who lost their loved ones and being frontline warriors, the author has closely approached this demise. whether they were migrants or frontline workers and doctors treating COVID-19 or patients, or people who lost this way of that way, we altogether are sufferers.

Every chapter covered in detail frontline health workers and essential services workers and their selfless fight against the virus. It describes, how we learned to learn to be ourselves and listen to someone and something that we had lost.

The book teaches us to live and learn, to find and to be found, the value of time during the pandemic and beyond. How covid had, profound impact, not only on people’s health but also on how they learn, work and live.

Among the most important challenges created by COVID-19 is how to adapt a system of living. The author has pointed toward the most common instances from lockdown life to depict the introspection of the upheaval of human beings. Authors writing approaches readers in a very different way to gain a different perspective to each.

She has preferred a unique way of narration which is why there is so much beauty added to the book. The author has jotted down the story around the Virus that has Spread in the World and has talked about everything in detail about the changes that became the new normal. The story is written from almost all Perspectives.

Each character is viewing similar incidents but we can learn from different perspectives. This aspect of all the stories is making the book a bit more interesting as we are being introduced to each chapter. So, the book is much more than the author’s feelings, opinions, and experiences of the pandemic.

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