Bengaluru BMTC Bus Conductor Suspended After Assaulting Woman Over Ticket Issue

BMTC Bus Conductor Suspended After Assaulting Woman: A fight broke out between a female passenger and the bus conductor over ticketing in a BMTC bus. A female passenger hit the conductor on the forehead and then the conductor assaulted her. Here is the information on this.

BMTC Bus Conductor Suspended After Assaulting Woman

Bengaluru: An incident in which a BMTC bus conductor and a female passenger hit each other on the forehead and assaulted each other took place in the capital Bangalore. A case has been registered at Siddapur police station and an FIR has been registered against the conductor.

The incident occurred on Tuesday morning when a BMTC bus was traveling near Dairy Circle. The video has gone viral and BMTC is also conducting an alarming investigation. A female passenger argued with the conductor over the ticket issue. A verbal altercation ensued and the woman hit the conductor on the forehead. It is said that the angry conductor suddenly attacked the female passenger.

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BMTC has shared information about this and said that it will investigate. The woman who complained did not respond. Footage of the incident was also captured on mobile phones. After receiving the statement of the assaulted woman, the Siddapur police registered an FIR.

How did the incident happened?

The woman boarded the bus at Bilekahalli on Tuesday morning and was supposed to go to Shivajinagar. The bus conductor did not issue a ticket. He said he would give it if asked about it.

However, when the bus came near Dairy Circle, the woman questioned again that the ticket was not given. At this time, when the word grew, the fellow travelers started to fight. However, the angry woman suddenly hit the conductor on the forehead. Then the situation turned to disaster. Enraged by this, the conductor assaulted the woman.

Conductor suspension!

This is a bus of Kottanoor Dinne unit, the operator Honnappa Nagappa Agasara has been suspended for investigation. Vehicle number KA57 F1602 route 368/6, operating from Bannerghatta National Park to Shivajinagar, occurred at 10 am, BMTC said.

The woman is from outside the state

A female passenger from outside the state was traveling from Bilekalli to Shivajinagar in a vehicle. This time there was a fight over the ticket. BMTC has informed that safety of women has been prioritized by the organization and strict disciplinary action will be taken against the culprits if any kind of violence, rude behavior or unpleasant incidents happen to women passengers.

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