Bangalore To Mysore Train Timings Today – April 2023 [Updated]

Bangalore to Mysore Train Timings, Kavery Express train number 16021 leaves Bangalore at 4 AM, thousands of people are availing this convenient train service for various purposes like visiting tourist places or daily jobs, by providing trains to meet people’s travel requirements and connecting these two cities, Indian Railways serves to improve the journey of thousands of people.

You can reach Bangalore to Mysore by train, plane, bus, or car, but we suggest your travel by train as the best option because by train you can experience a comfortable journey with affordable low ticket prices and well-managed IRCTC services impressive,

Bangalore to Mysore train timings

Moreover, the actual distance by train from Bangalore to Mysore is 144 km which you can reach within 3 hours by train by first-class train.

Trains Schedule from Bangalore to Mysore, all the trains that run from Bangalore City Junction to Mysore City railway stations. and several trains are running between these two cities among them 6 trains are Passengers, 14 are Express, 5 are Super Fast, and 1 Vende Bharat Train for the fastest train service.

Bangalore To Mysore Train Timings

Train No Train Name BLR PF No. Depart from BLR MYS PF No. Arrival in Mysore M
20607 MAS-MYS VANDE BHARAT 7 10:20 AM 1 12:20 AM Y Y N Y Y Y Y
16021 Kaveri Exp 5 04:00 AM 4 06:40 AM Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
16220 TPTY-CMNR EXPRESS 5 04:30 AM 1 07:00 AM Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
16228 Tlgp Mys Exp 10 05:05 AM 2 08:20 AM Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
16231 Mysore Exp 5 05:45 AM 1 08:00 AM Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
16591 Hampi Exp 10 06:00 AM 6 08:40 AM Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12785 Kcg Mys Sf Exp 5 06:35 AM 4 09:30 AM Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
16235 Mysore Exp 5 07:15 AM 4 10:20 AM Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
16536 Golgumbaz Exp 8 08:00 AM 3 10:45 AM Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
17308 Basava Express 8 08:20 AM 6 11:45 AM Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
16316 Kcvl Mys Exp 5 08:50 AM 2 11:15 AM Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12007 Mys Shatabdi 7 10:50 AM 6 12:45 PM Y Y N Y Y Y Y
20660 Rajya Rani Exp 5 11:30 AM 1 02:00 PM Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12614 Wodeyar Express 8 03:15 PM 6 05:45 PM Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
20624 Malgudi Exp 10 01:50 PM 2 04:20 PM Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12614 Mys Shatabdi 8 03:15 PM 6 05:45 PM Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12577 Baghmati Superfast 5 05:15 PM 5 08:00 PM N N N Y N N N
17325 Vishwamanav Exp 10 05:45 PM 2 08:40 PM Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
16216 Chamundi Exp 6 06:15 PM 5 09:05 PM Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
22688 Bsb Mys Express 9 06:35 PM 2 10:00 PM Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12609 Mysore SF Exp 5 07:50 PM 2 10:50 PM Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
16585 Mangaluru Central Exp 7 09:00 PM 1 12:16 AM Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
16209 Ajmer – Mys Exp 9 11:50 PM 1 02:15 AM Y N N N N Y N

* Note: Bangalore to Mysore Train Timings is subject to change. Refer IRCTC website for updated/current Train Timings from Bangalore to Mysore.

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Bengaluru Railway Station [SBC]

Bangalore Railway Station, officially known as Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna Railway Station, is located near Majestic (Bangalore City Bus Stop) and is considered the center of the Bangalore city area. It is one of the largest railway stations in India and is part of the South Indian Railways network.

The station provides rail connectivity to over ten destinations, including Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Goa, and more. It has ten platforms and handles more than 80 trains, including 60 express trains.

Every day, around 10,000 passengers use this station for travel to Mysore, and approximately 25+ trains are serving between Bangalore and Mysore.

In addition, the Vande Bharat train, one of the fastest and most modern trains in India, has been allotted to serve these two cities, making travel between Bangalore and Mysore even more convenient.

About Station

  • Address: Bengaluru, M.G. Railway Colony, Majestic, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560023
  • Contact Number for Railway Enquiry:  080 – 22155337
  • Division(s): Mysore railway division
  • Zone(s): South Western Railway
  • Numbers of Platforms: 10 Platforms.
  • Station Code: SBC

Mysore Railway Station

Mysore Junction railway station, also known as Mysuru Railway Station, has 5 platforms and was constructed during British rule in India. The British established a railway line primarily for the transportation of valuable commodities, gold, and other goods.

The station is mainly connected to Mangalore, and it now has connections to many other places. It provides rail connectivity from Mysore to Bangalore, Nanjangud, Kamaraj Nagar, Mangalore, Hassan, Mandya, and other places.

About Station

  • Address: Medar Block, Yadavagiri, Mysuru, Karnataka 570001
  • Contact Number for Railway Enquiry: 0821-2521751.
  • Division(s): Mysore railway division
  • Zone(s): South Western Railway
  • Numbers of Platforms: 5 Platforms.
  • Station Code: MYS

About Bangalore To Mysore Train

The two cities are well connected with both rail and bus services. However, trains are preferred over buses due to their speed and comfort, along with relatively affordable ticket prices.

Mysore Junction railway station, also known as Mysuru Junction, has five platforms and was constructed during British rule in India for transporting valuable goods like gold. It is mainly connected to Mangalore but is now connected to most places, including Bangalore, Nanjangud, Kamaraj Nagar, Hassan, Mandya, and others.

Bangalore City Junction is the main railway station in Bangalore and is located in the town center, making it more convenient than the bus. There are hourly trains from Bangalore to Mysore, with most long-distance trains connecting Mysore via Bangalore. Other railway junctions in Bangalore, such as Cantonment and Whitefield, also have trains to Mysore.

Premium expresses like Kaveri Express, Chamundi Express, Odeyar Express, or Shatabdi are recommended for traveling between Bangalore and Mysore. To make an informed decision, check the train timings from Bangalore to Mysore and find out the train ticket prices for various categories and routes.

Some train timings from Bangalore to Mysore are: the Kavery Express departs from Chennai Central at 4:00 pm, and the Bangalore Mysore Passenger Train departs at 4:00 am.

The last train to Mysore is the Night Queen Passenger Train. Commuter rails are also a cheap way to travel between Bangalore and Mysore, with lower sleeper train fares compared to others.

The fares for different categories and types of trains from Bangalore to Mysore vary. For non-reserved categories, the cost of one type of train is Rs. 30, and for the second sleeper class of the passenger train, it is Rs. Before traveling, it is essential to know the Mysore train timetables from Bangalore.

There are over 19 regular trains from Bangalore to Mysore, including six passenger trains and the rest express trains. The travel time from Bangalore to Mysore varies from seven hours to overnight, depending on the train.

Travelers can expect trains from Bangalore to Mysore every hour during the day and night. The Night Queen Train is the only passenger rail running at midnight. The Mysore Express and many others run after the first daily trains of the Kaveri Express. Additionally, the Hampi Express runs once a week, while the Tirupati Fast Passenger and First Passenger Train respectively run twice a week.

Bangalore to Mysore Train Route Map

Bangalore to Mysore train timings

Bangalore to Mysore Train booking

You can easily book your ticket to travel from Bangalore to Mysore by train through several online platforms like Makemytrip, Giobibo, Ixigo, Trainman, and others, You can also book your tickets offline and from the official railway ticket counter at Bangalore Junction.

Which was the Bangalore To Mysore First Train (In the Morning)?

There are early morning trains available from Bangalore Railway Station (SBC) to Mysore. The train number is 16021, and the train name is Kaveri Express. The Bangalore to Mysore TrainTimings is 4 AM from platform 5 at Bangalore, and it takes only 2 hours and 40 minutes to reach.

The train arrives at Mysore Junction (MYS) at 06:40 AM on platform number 4. This train is available every day of the week and runs between Chennai and Mysuru.

 Which is the Bangalore To Mysore Last Train (At Night)?

Midnight trains from Bangalore to Mysore are available from Bangalore City Junction (SBC). One such train is the Ajmer Jn Mysore Jn Express, with train number 16209. It departs from Bangalore at 11:50 PM from platform 9 and takes around 2 hours and 25 minutes to reach Mysore Junction, arriving on platform 1.


1]. What is A Ticket charge for the 1st Class Package?

A. 1A Train the cost Rs. 450

2]..What is the Distance Between Bangalore to Mysore By Train?

A. 144 KM by Train

3].. How many platforms are there on the Bangalore railway Junction?

A. it has 10 Platforms.

4]. How is the road from Bangalore to Mysore?

A. 144 Km Pretty good Highways.

5]. How can I go to Mysore from Bangalore?

A. You may Reach Bangalore By Train or Road.

6]. What is Mysore famous for?

A. Famous for Mysore Palace.

7]. Which is the Fastest Train Between Bangalore To Hassan?

A. A Vande Bharat is the fastest train that serves between Chennai to Mysore.

8]. Which is the 1st Class Train Between Bangalore To Hassan?

A. Is 16518 Yesvantpur Express.

9. Is an Available Online ticket booking facility?

A. yes, You can book your railways tickets through BookMyShow, and other platforms as well.

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