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Wonderla Bangalore Ticket price 2024; If you are planning a day trip to get away from the city and away from the busy lifestyle of Bangalore for a while, Wonderla is the best option to spend the day with your friends and family having more fun and happiness.

Because Bengaluru Wonderla is a tourist destination with more than 50 exciting water and other games, once you get inside Wonderla, you forget the outside world and other worries, if you are planning to visit Bangalore Wonderla, here are the complete details about Bengaluru Wonderla ticket price. , more information is given here “Wonderla Bangalore Ticket Price 2024″ Don’t forget to read this post.

Thrilling rides, wave pools, and nostalgia tang at the amusement park. As kids of the 90s, we always looked forward to those years when we were old enough to step into a fun amusement park rather than our school picnics, water play park, or museum.

Wonderla Bangalore Ticket

A visit from your extended family or old school friends makes for a much-needed reunion, and you’ll want to add your visit with them to your list of top memories. If you are in Bangalore, must try to visit Wonderla Park.

From high-thrill rides to haunted houses and super fun water rides, Wonderla Bangalore has plenty of attractions that will keep you jumping for joy all day long. However, if you don’t want to spend more than a day and explore the enormous park, Wonderla Resort Bangalore is an option.

Let’s explore this famous amusement park under the All Edu Bangalore chain and give you some must-visit rides and attractions.

Wonderla Bangalore Ticket price 2024 – [Mon-Fri] 

Tickets Type Ticket Price
Adult Regular ₹1399
Child Regular ₹1119
Senior Citizen ₹1049
Fastrack Adult ₹2238
Fastrack Child ₹1790
College Students ₹1119

Wonderla Bangalore Ticket price 2024 – [Sat – Sun]

Tickets Type Ticket Price
Adult Regular ₹1709
Child Regular ₹1367
Senior Citizen ₹1281
Fastrack Adult ₹2734
Fastrack Child ₹2187
College Students ₹1367


For College Students: Original college ID needs to be displayed at the gate during check-in. Applicable only for the age group between 17-22 years and college students in the Academic Year of 2023-24.

For Childs: Child ticket is applicable for kids whose height is between 85 cm and 140 cm. Kids less than 85cm in height would get FREE entry & adult ticket rate is applied for guests above 140cm.

For Senior Citizens: A photo ID with age proof is mandatory for Senior citizen tickets (applicable for guests above 60 years).

Contact number for ticket booking, book ticket first and pay later: 8550058512

Wonderla Bangalore Video Clip

Wonderla Bangalore Games you can explore

High Thrill Rides


Wonderla Bangalore Ticket Price 2023

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Wonderla Bangalore High Thrill Ride Recoil is Wonderla’s first ever High Thrill Ride also known as Tech Roller Coaster, an adventurous bride of technology imported from the Netherlands, it has a unique reverse looping roller coaster that gives you an unlimited thrill.

Flash Tower:

Wonderla Bangalore Ticket Price

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Flash Tower Ride game is also a game that you can explore in Wonderla Bangalore, it is a game based on a seating capacity of around 15 members, the vehicle in which people sit is shot up and down, and of course, through this 40-meter high tower, you can see Bangalore from here a little bit, and also you were Experience like dropping yourself down from the tower.


Wonderla Bangalore Ticket Price

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Equinois is a fully computer-controlled lead ride that can seat up to 25 adults at a time this machine travels at a maximum speed of 70 Km/H and the riders are 16m upside down to the ground so you can experience multiple thrills at the same time.


Wonderla Bangalore Ticket Price

Insanity is a 360-degree rotating game that looks like a robot like a arms giant squid and you can explore this game sitting safely inside the robot’s fingers this kind of design for more safety and adventures this game can be played by 24 riders sitting very comfortably at the same time.


Hurricane Ride is a Paisa Vasool game that offers a high-thrill experience and lets you explore the re-creation experience of being caught in a whirlwind, a 360-degree rotating-based game.

Y- Scream:

Y-Scream is a 32-rider capacity game that is very scary and unlimited fun with suspension technology from a blow-like structure from a height of 20m and terms like a joint wheel.

Techno Jump: 

Techno Jump Ride is a relatively mid-range game that has a thrill level and average it has about 24 members’ cheat ability advance and it works based on a hydraulic system so this game can also be enjoyed.


It has a 360-degree 21-rider capacity based on the ride that has no limit to the entertainment so it Rotates, twists tills, and swivels for more security and enjoyable play.

Drop Zone:

Drop zone ride is also similar to the flash tower ride, in this ride 20 riders are allowed to enjoy this game without interruption so this ride will give you goosebumps, drop zone takes you up to a height of 17 M and then just let drop you down.

Wonderla Bamba:

Wonderla Bomber Red is a high thrill 18 seater game that takes you clockwise up and down and gives maximum thrill in this game.


Tarantula is an ultimate thrill ride that you must try at least once which is also a 360-degree rotating ride.

Land Rides:

Sky Tilt:

The newest ride at Wonderla Amusement Park in Bengaluru is called Sky Tilt. It’s a fun family attraction built on the base of the Sky Wheel, standing 50 meters (150 feet) high. This exciting ride gives you a bird’s eye view of the whole park.

Sky Tilt can take up to six people at a time and tilts up to 30 degrees, making it suitable for the entire family. As you go up high above the park, you get to enjoy amazing views of the landscape around you. It’s a thrilling experience for everyone!

Wave Rider: 

Experience the excitement of a new family land ride imported from Italy! Riders stand in a cabin that rotates 360 degrees on a pivot that reaches a height of 6 meters. The ride moves clockwise and counterclockwise in just 90 seconds, giving riders the exhilarating sensation of surfing in the air.

Adventures of Chikku: 

Embark on a thrilling journey of Chikku Adventures, a state-of-the-art ride that combines 3D cinematography with real-life effects in a comfortable, air-conditioned theater with 180 seats.

Feel the movement of the ground beneath you, the splash of water, and the rush of wind, all while enchanted by the magic of film. 3D glasses transport the viewer into a larger-than-life world, providing an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Cine Magic:

Discover the joy of cinematic 3D, Wonderla Bengaluru’s amazing family cinema immerses you in the world of virtual reality cinema. Enjoy high-definition 3D videos, surround yourself with multi-channel audio, and feel the excitement with powerful blowers and hydraulically-assisted seats that are fully synchronized with on-screen action. This is a cinema experience like no other!

Pirate Ship: 

Check out the wooden craft-shaped swing that takes thrill-seekers on a heart-pounding adventure. Gaining momentum, it swings in a 180-degree arc, providing an exhilarating rush of adrenaline. Riders are securely strapped into their seats, making for a daring experience for the faint of heart.

Net Walk:

Introducing a completely safe ride suitable for all ages where participants stroll along a gently elevated walkway surrounded by netting on three sides. The core of the experience lies in maintaining balance while in motion.

Wonder Splash: 

A visit to Wonderla is not complete without trying this must-ride attraction. Picture a log-like raft being pulled up a hill by a conveyor as it passes through an exciting tunnel. After exiting the tunnel, the raft zooms down a steep slope at breakneck speed, splashing into a shallow pool.

Get ready for a delightful spray of water that will submerge you in the process. This enjoyable ride is suitable for riders of all ages.

Sky Wheel: 

Firmly perched atop a 13-story tower, the 30-meter diameter giant wheel slowly rotates on its axis and offers riders a bird’s-eye view of the park and its surroundings. Wide elevators take visitors to the top of the tower, a landmark that can be seen from miles away.

Toon Tango:

An ideal ride for everyone, where two or three riders can snugly fit into one of four capsules extending from a central pivot. The capsules gracefully twirl around, resembling a waltz, accompanied by music for a delightful experience.

Termite Coaster and Train: 

Enter what seems like a colossal termite mound featuring a witch’s mouth as the entrance, housing two beloved rides – the Termite Train and the Termite Coaster.

The Termite Train navigates a wild track with sharp turns, steep ascents, and thrilling descents. If that doesn’t sound exciting enough, hop on the Coaster. It’ll have you screaming through hair-raising loops at breathtaking speeds.

Dungeon Ride:

Embark on a thrilling journey through a dangerous dungeon haunted by the ghost of a notorious prison warden. The ride unfolds a fairy tale centered around the ferocious prison warden Amarjeet Rane.

Delving into the evil recesses of a tortured mind, the experience uses state-of-the-art computer technology to send shivers down your spine. It is a ride that tests the mind of the rider.

This unique attraction seamlessly integrates complex hydraulic and pneumatic-controlled features, operating fully automatically without any human intervention.

Crazy Cars:

Fasten your seatbelts, you’re in for a thrilling ride ahead! Enjoy a wild drive, maneuvering for space with your car. It’s fantastic entertainment for the whole family, everyone from kids to grandparents has a blast.

Crazy Wagon: 

Step into the world of Crazy Wagon, a family ride designed as a charming horse-drawn carriage. Swing and swing in every imaginable direction on this exotic ride! Reaching a height of 21 meters, it attracts guests of all ages, offering the sensation of rotating clockwise and anti-clockwise with alternating movements of different speeds. For your utmost safety, this ride features an imported drive train and mechanical components.

Rocking’ Tug:

Embark on an adventurous journey with the whole family on this innovative ride. The Rocking Tug offers a unique blend of rocking and whirling movements, capable of accommodating up to 24 riders.

Wonderla Bangalore Ticket price [2024] offers for these below-listed Persons only

1. Wonderla Bangalore Ticket Price 2024 For College Students]

College-ID-Offer crefad

Wonderla Park College of Kochi and Bangalore offers exciting discounts on admission to the park. Students under the age of 22 can get amazing discounts by displaying their original college photo ID at the ticket counters of our parks. The respective rebate percentages on admission tickets in each park are below:

Terms & Conditions

  1. Offer only valid on regular adult tickets.
  2. The offer is not valid on Fastrack tickets and online bookings.
  3. Please show your original college ID at the ticket counter to avail yourself of the discount.
  4. Valid age proof is mandatory to avail of the offer. In case the College ID doesn’t contain the age proof or date of birth, the patron should also carry a Govt ID proof with the date of birth or age.
  5. After Hours Entry for College ID is applicable only in Hyderabad on peak days from 4:00 PM till 7:00 PM.
  6. Ticket price after tax would be rounded off to the nearest 5 Rs.
  7. 30% discount on College ID for Hyderabad Park is valid till 30th September 2019.

2. Board the BMTC Volvo and get 15%  off on Wonderla

Image result for volvo bus bangalore

Planning a trip to Wonderla but don’t know how to travel? Board BMTC’s air-conditioned Volvo bus to reach Wonderla Bangalore Park and get 15% off on park tickets.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The privilege rates are applicable only on handing over the BMTC bus ticket printouts at the park counters.
  2. The tickets should be for the same day to travel to Wonderla with a destination printed as Wonderla Bangalore.
  3. The offer is applicable to Regular- Adult Tickets only and not applicable to any other categories.
  4. Offer not valid on online bookings. Please display your BMTC bus ticket at the ticket counter to avail yourself of the discount.
  5. 2 offers cannot be clubbed together.


1]. Can we go to Wonderla without booking?

Yes, booking tickets in advance is not mandatory but it is better to book tickets through the online portal for the best ticket price and avoid queue management offline.

2]. Does the Wonderla ticket include food?

No, food is not included in the ride ticket, so you have to book extra.

3]. Which day is best for Wonderla?

Normal Weekdays are the best time to visit wonderla parks at any season.

Conclusion: Hello friends we hope that you may get the perfect details about Wonderla Bangalore Ticket Price 2024 our article may be to clarify your doubts about Wonderla Bangalore Ticket Price 2024 and the offer of that water park.

Contact number for Ticket booking, book ticket first and pay later: 8550058512


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