Dr. Nalli Ramya: The Doctor with Mastery over Literary Criticisms

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes”, a popular quote by the renowned Marcel Proust speaks a lot about discovering what’s in front of us and what we can witness differently. We are running in a world fixing our livelihood and this process is surely throwing away our passion for sale for varied reasons.

Dr. Nalli Ramya, a surgeon by profession from JIPMER who even after a daily confrontation with the mortality of human beings considers books important. Books provide a few such things that are key to an open and intelligent society. They provide a place to store their thoughts. A film critic of throwing away our passion for the sake of career advancement; the practicing surgeon considers this as the elementary mistake of various people whom the Almighty have gifted with sheer talent.

The things that are done with an improved vision and a different perspective are always adorable to our hearts. Things that are associated with passion are more important than what we say or whatever we presume. Literature is one such thing that is built with memories instead of just words and alphabets. No matter, which profession or work we have to do in order for our living; our passion should be given their due importance.

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In this journey of literature, individuals like Nitish Raj; Editor-in-Chief, and the entire team of The Literary Mirror have given opportunities to people all across the country and upcoming generations.

In the words of Dr. Nalli Ramya; “I am thankful to the jury members for declaring me Winner in two categories as Best Literacy Critic of the year 2020 and Best Columnist of the year 2020 in the highly coveted, The LIT Fest 2020. I am hoping for the same amount of love and affection for my debut novel, ‘The Broken Pendant’. My happiness is beyond words. Thank you all for supporting me. I feel how busy or hard the times can be, never give up your passion!”


The Journey from Passion to an Award-Winning Poet

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