Treadmill Buying Guide In India 2022

Treadmill Buying Guide: Are you planning to achieve fitness in your life, and don’t want to go out running or jogging? if your answer is yes then it’s great to have you here.

Buying a new treadmill in India is really a difficult task because you need to consider various features, numbers, and specifications of the treadmill, to make your treadmill buying experience smoother we (the BangaloreToday team) have done thorough research on all available treadmills in India.

To ramp up your fitness journey and help you to choose the best treadmill in India, here I’ve come up with a comprehensive treadmill buying guide in India.

Hey there Rahul G here, I’ll assure you that by the end of this blog you will have each and every piece of information regarding the treadmill and you will become a treadmill expert.

I hope this blog will answer the question “How do I choose a treadmill for my home?”. There are 10 key differentiating factors to consider when buying a new treadmill for home use and they are as follows

Key differentiating factors to consider when buying a new Treadmill

  1. Fitness Plan
  2. Budget
  3. Weight Capacity
  4. Motor Capacity
  5. Track Size and Durability
  6. Speed & Inclinations
  7. Storing Area vs Foldable options
  8. Warranty
  9. Other Features
  10. Best treadmill brands

1]. To Have A Fitness Plan

The most important thing that you must do before buying a new treadmill, is that you need to plan your fitness regime or you should have a fitness goal in your mind that you will achieve using a treadmill.

You should know in advance what you gonna do on the treadmill like Walking/Running/Jogging. Because there are different types of treadmills that are specially made for different uses.

For instance: if you want to do running on your new treadmill then you must buy a minimum of 2 CHP treadmills that can easily complement your body weight. Like this, there are several other key features to consider before buying a new treadmill.

So kindly be informed in advance what you need to do on the treadmill.

2]. Set A Budget

Setting up a perfect budget is the most important thing to do when buying a new treadmill in India. Generally, domestic-use treadmills are priced between ₹15000 to ₹40000.

At the same time, commercial treadmills which are used in Gym and fitness centers are made for heavy usage, so their buying cost ranges between ₹60000 to ₹200000 depending upon the features, specifications, and other advanced options they provide.

For every ₹1000 to ₹2000 difference you can see various features and options; some are useful and most are marketing gimmicks by the treadmill manufacturing brands.

So my point being is that you need to set a price range for your treadmill purchase in your mind and stick on to it while buying. As you are a BangaloreToday blog reader, not supposed to be tricked by a salesperson or online reviews so kindly read this comprehensive treadmill buying guide in India and become a treadmill expert.

3]. Max-Weight holding capacity

Weight capacity is one of the essential factors to consider when buying a new treadmill for home use. The treadmill brands will always put the max weight holding capacity when it is only used for walking.

If you are buying the treadmill for running or you are a runner who wants to buy a treadmill then kindly reduce 20 to 30 kg from the actually mentioned treadmill capacity.

For Example: In this case, let us assume, your body 
weight is 80 kg and you are a 

If you are thinking to buy an 
80 kg capacity treadmill then 
you are doing wrong, As you are 
a runner a treadmill weight 
capacity as same as your body 
weight will be not enough.

Because, while running you are putting more pressure on the belt compared to walking,
So always buy 20 to 30 kg more capacity treadmill than your body weight. So here you need to buy the 100 to 120 kg weight capacity treadmill.

4]. Motor Capacity (HP & CHP)

The capacity of the motor in the treadmill is the key differentiating factor to consider when buying a treadmill anywhere in the world, the motor is the heart of a treadmill if the motor fails then all other parts are of no use.  Generally, the capacity of a motor in the treadmill is measured in two terms namely:

  1. HP (Peak Horse Power): It refers to the peak horsepower output of a motor means, the max power output that a motor can achieve at one time.  The higher the HP is, the more body weight it will withstand.  Generally, the power output of all treadmills motors ranges between 2 HP to 5 HP and if you are a continuous runner then go for a 2.5 to 4 HP motor.  if you wanna only walk or slightly do jogging on the treadmill then go with capacities between 1.5 to 2 HP.
  2. CHP (Continuous Horse Power) It refers to the continuous power output of a motor and CHP is always lower than HP in a treadmill.  Continuous Horse Power means how much max power a treadmill motor can produce continuously without a stop.  Ideally, CHP should be around 1.5 to 2 CHP and if you are a heavy user with a body weight of over 100 kg then you must need a minimum of 2 CHP.

If the continuous horsepower is not mentioned in the specifications then we can assume that CHP is always around half of Peak Horsepower (HP).

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5.1]. Running Track Size

The area on which you are going to walk, Jogg, and Run should be adequate on a treadmill and it is essential to identify what belt size will suits you best. A toller person requires more length in a treadmill and a shorter person requires less area, Therefore there is a thumb rule for what belt size you should consider in a treadmill:

  • For walking/Jogging: A comfortable belt size is 1000 mm in length (40 inches) x 380 mm in width (15 inches).
  • For running: A comfortable belt size is 1100 mm in length (44 inches) x 400 mm in width (16 inches).

5.2]. Belt Durability

The quality of a treadmill belt is also an essential factor to keep in mind before buying a new treadmill In India, It can be measured in ply, which refers to the number of layers inside the belt.

Most of the commercial treadmills are equipped with 4-ply belts which are made for long-running and heavy usage where you will experience smooth & stable running, whereas domestic treadmills are equipped with only 1-ply belts which will not provide a great running experience.

If the treadmills with only 1-ply belts are not equipped with soft cushioning under the belt then it may cause pain in the knees so kindly ensure that your treadmill is equipped with belts above 1-ply or installed with soft cushioning.

6]. Speed & Inclination

Treadmill speed is also one of the deciding factors, to consider when buying a new treadmill in India. In most of the popular treadmills, the average running speed ranges between 5 km to 15 km so you need to choose from different running speeds according to your usage, likely:

  1. If you wanna only walk on the treadmill then the running speed range should be between 5 to 7 km.
  2. If you want to do jogging on the treadmill then the running speed must be around 8 to 10 km.
  3. If you are a serious runner then the running speed on your treadmill must be above 13 km.

Note: the above data is an average of all treadmill users, it can be changed according to your running capacity and endurance.

Inclination helps you to add more intensity to your running and it feels like you are climbing a hill, therefore having a treadmill with an Inclination feature is addon support to your fitness journey.

There are two types of inclination in treadmills and they are as follows:

  1. Manual Inclinations: as the name is self-explanatory, it means you need to manually adjust the inclination level before running. Generally, you can set 2 to 3 levels of inclination in the treadmills.
  2. Automatic Inclinations: here the treadmill will programmatically adjust the inclination level with the help of a secondary motor, you can enable a mode on the treadmill to automatically increase or decrease the inclinations levels simultaneously when you are running on it.

7]. Storage & Foldable Options

A treadmill in your home will require a good space of 3 feet by 5 feet, so if you’ve enough area to fit a treadmill then it is well and good but if you don’t, or else you want to hide your treadmill when it is not in use, then you can explore foldable options in the treadmills. The treadmills can be folded in two ways 1. Vertical 2. Horizontal.

In my opinion, kindly don’t go with a foldable treadmill unless you are really short of space, because in a foldable treadmill you may compromise other important features of the device.

8]. Warranty

Checking about the warranty and after-sales services of a treadmill brand is also an important task you need to do before buying a treadmill, You should always cross-check on the duration of the warranty period that your treadmill brand offers. The longer the warranty cover is and the better the deal is.

Almost all treadmills are made in China or even if it is made in India, all spare parts required to manufacture a treadmill are imported from China.

On top of that, there is no prominent treadmill manufacturing brand in India to which you can trust and buy their products.

Therefore even if the brand provides 10 years of brand warranty on the motor, then also you need to double-check the quality of after-sales services the treadmill brand provides, especially if you are living in suburban or rural areas.

Talking about the treadmill warranty period, usually, most of the treadmill brands in India provide 1 year of brand warranty on the “parts”, 3 years of brand warranty on the “motor”, and 5 years or lifetime brand warranty on the “frame”. So kindly ensure that your treadmill has covered with at least the above-mentioned warranty cover.

9]. Other features

9.1. Workout programs:

Treadmills with automatic inclination will have a higher number of preset workout programs than manual inclination treadmills. A workout program can help you to enhance your fitness journey in a systematic way, once you set up a program and then you need to just follow the instructions on the display.

The treadmill with the help of a heart rate monitor and track running history will programmatically analyze your data from the workout you did and gives back the result like how many km more you need to run so that you can achieve your fitness goal.

9.2. Safety features, Track cushioning & Lubrication

The domestic treadmills will not provide a great running experience as the track belts are made of only 1-ply material which results in a higher vibration and in some case, cause knees pain when used for a long time, Therefore the treadmills made for home use must have a cushioning layer under the belt so you’ll feel comfortable when running. So kindly ensure to buy a 2-ply or more thickness belt or at least the treadmill should have soft cushioning.

As treadmills a piece of mechanical equipment must be lubricated to prevent jerks and vibrations, almost all treadmills are maintenance-free so there is no need to worry about lubrication, Just ensure with the salesperson about the lubrication.

9.3. Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speaker and AUX connectivity is not a must-have feature in a treadmill however when listening to sporty music while running on the treadmill will definitely boost your treadmill experience. So always ensure that your treadmill has any one of the audio connectivity unless & until it comes with a huge cost.

9.4. LED Display

Almost all treadmills are equipped with LCD displays which is a 3 color display like digital wall clocks so there are no smart options, Therefore it is best to have an LED display like an android tablet where you can explore smart features and fitness tracking with the help of fitness application.

9.4. Heart rate monitoring

Cardio monitoring is a must-have feature in the treadmill, it helps you to keep your heart healthy at the same time will ensure your fitness. This feature will show alerts when you reach a max heart rate so that you will reduce the speed or take gaps between the sessions.

10]. Best Treadmill brands In India 2022

10.1. Powermax

Powermax is the #1 treadmill brand in India and it is an excellent choice when it comes to usability and comfort whether you are buying them for home use or commercial purposes as they are available for you based on different purposes and at affordable prices.

10.2. Aerofit

Aerofit is the #2 best treadmill brand in India and it is originally an India-based company that provides fitness equipment for commercial and home use purposes. Among them, they manufacture treadmills, elliptical trainers, gym bikes, strength, cross-training, and other essential accessories, Among them, treadmills and gym bikes are the most trending products.

10.3. Fitkit

Fitkit is the #3 best treadmill brand in India and it is one of the most influential treadmill manufacturing brands in India along with other fitness equipment manufacturers. Fitkit Treadmill is the most affordable treadmill in India starting at Rs.15000 only.

10.4. Durafit

Durafit is the #4 best treadmill brand in India, Treadmills such as entry-level advanced and expert-level treadmills in the all-purpose Durafit brand in the Indian market focus on relatively low power consumption with powerful AC and DC motors for home use.

10.5. Maxpro

MaxPro is the #5 best treadmill brand in India and it is one of the best-selling fitness equipment brands in India, and this Maxpro treadmill is in huge demand across India, it offers many amazing features like a powerful motor, folding technology, and phone holder and exists in every treadmill model.

10.6. Cockatoo

Cockatoo is the #6 best treadmill brand in India and it has been successfully chasing the demand for sports across the country and has successfully deposited itself as a top-league manufacturer of comber skates and badminton rackets under the GURU brand and is now importing wide range of quality fitness and sports products.

Final Words

This is all you need to know about the treadmill buying guide in India 2022, I hope each and every concept of a treadmill is covered in this blog.

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If you still have any doubts or suggestions regarding the treadmill buying guide or any other related article then kindly let me know about the same in the comment section below and I’ll ensure to reply to your queries shortly. thanks for reading…

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