Bangalore: 8,000 KG Garbage Found in Bangalore on the occasion of New Year celebrations

8,000 KG Garbage Found in Bangalore: MG Road, Brigade Road, the hub of New Year celebrations in Bengaluru, is littered everywhere. BBMP staff collected all this garbage on Monday morning. 8000 kg of garbage was found. Here is more information on this.

8,000 KG Garbage Found in Bangalore

Bengaluru: About 8 metric tons of waste and useless materials lying on MG Road and Brigade Road of the city were collected and disposed of on Monday morning.

Cleaning work was done from 3.30 am on many roads including MG Road, Brigade Road, Church Street, Residency Road, Richmond Road, St. Marks Road, Kasturaba Road, and important commercial areas of the city.

The cleaning work has been done by the Shantinagar division of the corporation. Three supervisors and more than 80 civic workers cleaned the roads. 7 auto tippers and one compactor are used for garbage collection and transportation.

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Plastic covers, garbage, slippers, liquor bottles, and other useless items were collected separately from roads and footpaths. About 2 tonnes of recyclable waste is sent to the dry waste collection plant.

Abhiantara Appuraj, Assistant Executive Officer of the Solid Waste Department, and other officers participated in the cleaning work.

People flocked to Lalbagh.

A large number of people flocked to Lalbagh on Monday to celebrate the New Year. Thus, the atmosphere of a mini fruit and flower show was created in the garden. People were standing in long queues in front of the ticket counters at the four entrance gates of the park. Two-wheelers were parked on the side of the road. From morning till evening, the park and surrounding roads were crowded with people.

Rock Garden, Lake Area, Bonsai Garden, Topiary Garden, Japanese Garden, Watch Tower, etc. were crowded in different parts of the park. Many schools and colleges had a holiday for the new year, so most of them came with their families.

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College boys and girls also came in teams. Although people started coming in the morning, it was crowded by the afternoon. People come from different parts of the city by metro as there is a metro station at Lalbagh Westgate. Thus the metro train of this part was full of passengers. The number of people coming in buses and two-wheelers was also high.

It was cool in the garden as the sun was shining outside. At this time, the problem of food vendors inside and outside the park continued as usual.

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