Bangalore New Year Restrictions: Dec 31, Midnight 1 AM is the deadline for New Year celebrations in Bangalore

Bangalore New Year Restrictions: The police department has imposed many rules for New Year celebrations in Bangalore. People are allowed on major roads and public places only till 1 am. In addition, traffic restrictions have been imposed on many roads. Here are more details about it.

Bangalore New Year Restrictions

Bengaluru: Silicon City is all set to welcome the New Year 2024 with a bang. Thousands of M.G. Road, Brigade Road, Koramangala, White Field, pubs, clubs, hotels, and restaurants in the city are preparing for parties.

Following this, the city police, who have allowed the New Year celebrations only till 1 am on December 31, have prepared to keep a khaki guard everywhere to prevent any untoward incidents. In addition, vehicular traffic has been restricted on city flyovers except Airport Road from 11 pm on December 31 to 6 am the next day.

Owners of pubs, hotels, and clubs under the respective police station have been instructed to take more security and safety measures for the New Year celebrations. It is suggested to get the phone number and identity card of customers coming to pubs, parties, hotels, and restaurants. City Police Commissioner B. Dayananda explained in a press conference that this action has been taken given safety.

On the occasion of New Year celebrations, rowdies and ex-accused are kept under close watch. Special teams to prevent drug addiction have already conducted operations and registered 40 cases. So far 99 kg. The drugs were confiscated. This operation will continue continuously,” he said.

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Safety Island:

New Year is celebrated in the city. M.G. Bandobast picketing points have been set up at places where people congregate like Radhisthe, Brigade Road, Indiranagar, Phoenix Mall, and Koramangala. Safety islands will be opened and women police officers will be deployed for the safety and assistance of women. B. Dayananda said that women can get help in case of emergency.

Drone & observation tower!

Police checkpoints have been set up at important locations in the city. Dog Squad and Explosive Detection Teams will conduct inspections at places where religious rituals are being performed. Besides M.G. Many CC cameras have been installed in places where mass New Year celebrations are held, including the road and Brigade Road.

Observation towers will also be constructed and police personnel will keep watch through binocular equipment. Also, the eagle will be monitored through drone cameras. Mufti police will also monitor. In addition, only one-way pedestrian access has been provided on Brigade Road. Everyone has to pass through the Door Frame Metal Detector (DFMD),” the commissioner explained.

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Drunk and drive checks

On the night of December 31, a special operation will be conducted against those who drink alcohol and drive. For this, 48 parts of the city will be closed. Joint Commissioner of Police M.N. He said that a special team has been formed in each traffic station to find those who do wheeling and drag races which are held in many places including Nice Road and Horwarthula Road. Anuchet said. Wheeling said citizens can call the control room at 112 and complain about reckless driving.

”Clubs, pubs, and restaurants have been instructed to issue passes for New Year dinners and parties without exceeding the prescribed limit. The rules set by the government cannot be violated for any reason. In case of illegal stock of liquor and violation of rules, a joint operation will be conducted with the Excise Department and action will be taken”. – B. Dayananda, City Police Commissioner

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