SkyDeck in Bangalore: India’s tallest Skydeck to be built in Bangalore

SkyDeck in Bangalore: The government is considering constructing the country’s tallest ‘observation tower’ (Skyduck) in the capital Silicon City Bengaluru on the ‘Shanghai Tower’ model built in Shanghai, China.

Yes, such a project will be implemented in Bangalore’s Kabban Udyan or Yashwantpur soon. Everything is as it seems but you can stand on the other side and see the capital.

SkyDeck in Bangalore

Bengaluru, December 27: State Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and DCM D.K.Sivakumar participated in the demonstration in Bengaluru on December 26, where the head of Big Ban Group participated in the construction of the tower and received information about the project.

Skydeck height is 360 meters

Inspired by the Shanghai Tower, Koop Himmelba of Austria designed this ‘sky deck (observation tower)’. It is planned to build this observation tower up to a total height of 360 meters on 10 acres of land. This has been explained to Karnataka Govt. After this, it is said that the outline for the construction of the tower is being prepared.

Highest observation tower in India

If this observation tower project is implemented as expected, the public can stand in front of it and have a view of the capital city. However, the Chinese tower is about 600 meters high. Although the tower in Karnataka is not that tall, it will be India’s tallest skydeck (360 meters).

Karnataka government plans to build India’s tallest sky deck in Bengaluru.

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What will be in the plan?

Where to build in these two areas in Bangalore? Everything including infrastructure, cost is being estimated. A suitable plan has been prepared. The 10 acres of land where this tower is located has all kinds of infrastructure. Planning is being done to have the necessary infrastructure including a commercial complex, food stall, restroom, and toilet.

There is a similar tower in Tamil Nadu with a height of 323 meters. The statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel of Gujarat is 182 meters tall. After this, plans are being made to build such a tall tower in Bangalore. That’s why it will be the highest Gopu in the country.

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