Bengaluru Accident Report: According to the figures released by Bengaluru Traffic Police, 14 accidents occured every day in Bengaluru in 2023

Bengaluru Accident Report: Another alarming fact has come to light in Bengaluru, which is notorious for traffic congestion. According to the figures released by the traffic police, in 2023, there were 14 accidents per day in Bengaluru. The number of accidents on Bengaluru city roads has increased drastically in 2023 as compared to previous years.

Bengaluru Accident Report

Bengaluru, December 16: According to Bengaluru Traffic Police statistics, the city saw an average of 14 accidents per day from 2023 till November. In 2022, it reported an average of 9 accidents per day.

According to reports, the number of accidents in the city is increasing. Because the number of vehicles on the roads is also increasing day by day. Excessive speed of riders is the main reason for the increase in the number of accidents. 823 people died in 793 fatal accidents in Bengaluru in 2023. 3,802 people were injured in 3,705 non-fatal accidents. A total of 4,499 accident cases have been registered in various police stations in Bengaluru.

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Bengaluru Road Accident Statistics in 2022:

According to statistics, 771 people died in 751 road accidents in 2022. 3,218 people were injured in non-fatal accidents. A total of 3,218 accident cases were recorded in 2022.

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Increase in traffic violation cases:

An average of 10,000 to 12,000 traffic violation cases are registered in Bengaluru every day. Most of these traffic violation cases are recorded using Artificial Intelligence (AI) cameras. Violation cases have reportedly increased after the traffic police started booking cases using AI technology. According to reports, Bengaluru uses AI cameras in 96 percent of traffic violation cases. Around 250 AI-based number plate detection cameras and 80 red light violation cameras have been installed at major junctions across the city.

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