Bengaluru has 16,791 Risky electric shock spots: BESCOM

Risky Electric shock spots in Bengaluru: Electrical accidents have become a cause of great concern in various sectors of Bangalore, with tragic incidents such as the death of a mother and a child due to electrical accidents recently. These have taken notice of Bengaluru Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM) and initiated steps to address the worrisome issue. A comprehensive survey conducted by BESCOM identified 16,791 potential electric shock spots within the city.

Risky Electric shock spots in bangalore

A significant cause of the problem is the precarious state of maintenance, particularly in residential areas and electricity poles connected to street lights. Deteriorating power lines, transformers, and dangling wires pose serious threats, especially in new neighborhoods and slums. Due to a lack of proper attention to electrical poles, junction boxes are within reach of children, and termination boxes are at risk.

To combat this problem BESCOM undertook a survey of dangerous power lines, poles, and transformers in public places. Findings revealed 23,187 electrocution sites, 6,396 of which were immediately addressed and repaired to enhance public safety. Public participation helps report hazardous locations, and BESCOM has actively focused on addressing these concerns.

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A significant concern is the aging overhead power network of 11 KV capacity spanning 9,057 km HT and 8,937 km LT. Power lines strung along roadside poles, passing residential and commercial buildings, often break down, causing electrical accidents. While BESCOM takes care of the power supply, the corporation plays a crucial role in maintaining street lights, associated wires, and LTD boxes.

In the last five years, Bengaluru has witnessed 81 electrocution incidents, resulting in 70 deaths due to BESCOM’s negligence. 8 people have lost their lives due to BESCOM power line accidents in 2023 itself. Collaborative efforts of local bodies including BESCOM and Brihat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palika (BBMP) are essential to reduce the number of electrical accidents. Coordinated measures can increase safety measures and prevent more casualties in the city.

Sector-wise statistics highlight the prevalence of trauma sites:
– North Zone: 452
– East Zone: 1,490
– West Zone: 4,572
– South Zone: 10,277

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