Bangalore: A Biker Attacked a Car and abused it by breaking the glass

Biker Attacked a Car: Bangalore’s persistent traffic problems pose a daily challenge to motorists, with minor accidents occurring frequently during rush hours. Recently, a disturbing incident gained viral attention after a man frustrated by a collision violently attacked another driver and shared a shocking video captured by Bernard Mascarenhus on his Instagram.

Biker Attacked a car

Narrating the incident, Mascarenhas explained that the two-wheeler hit his car while trying to make a U-turn. In response, the bike driver, seemingly exasperated, approached the car, smashed the window, hurled abuses, and used a stone to smash the windshield before hastily fleeing the scene.

Mascarenhas, who filed a formal complaint against the biker, recounted the events that led to the altercation. He stressed that the two-wheeler took a sudden turn without warning, prompting him to brake suddenly. After a moment of intense eye contact, the biker, enraged by the car’s registration plate, launched an unprovoked attack. Despite the threat, Mascarenhas avoided leaving his car, prioritizing personal safety while recording the incident.

Taking legal action, Mascarenes filed a First Information Report (FIR) against the aggressive biker, expressing shock over the incident. However, the Bengaluru Traffic Police has not yet commented on the widely circulated video.

Social media reactions poured in, with witnesses expressing surprise at Mascarenhas’ calm during this time. A user shared his perspective from another lane, citing his curiosity about the material used to break the glass. Others have highlighted the unfortunate trend of aggressive responses based on state registration of vehicles. Drawing parallels, users shared a similar incident involving a Karnataka-registered car in Pune, stressing the importance of filing complaints and trusting the police to fulfill their duty.

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