BBMP has taken action against officials who failed to curb Unauthorized Advertisements in Bengaluru

Unauthorized Advertisements in Bengaluru: After persistent efforts by the Karnataka High Court to crack down on unauthorized advertisements, hoardings, and bunting of banners, the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Corporation (BBMP) has taken a major step by issuing show cause notices to 230 persons for failing to control these violations. As directed by the court, BBMP has also taken action against the guilty officials in this regard.

In historical order, the Corporation sought explanations from the persons served with show cause notices. At the same time, BBMP and the state government submitted a separate certificate to the High Court detailing the steps taken to eliminate the problem of unauthorized flexes and banners that have detracted from the beauty of the city.

Unauthorized Advertisements in Bengaluru


The initiative, in response to a public interest litigation filed by Mege Gowda and CJ PB, is scheduled for hearing on December 6 before a division bench headed by Justice Varle. During the hearing, the court accepted the certificates submitted by the government and BBMP lawyers and counsel for the petitioner G.R. Mohan and others to file their responses by January 18.

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In compliance with established norms, the Corporation has issued notices to authorities of eight zones, seeking clarifications where necessary. The certificates submitted indicate that some cases have been canceled based on satisfactory responses from the authorities.

According to BBMP’s certificate, action has been taken against 402 unauthorized hoardings, banners, and flexes while 117 are pending eviction. Of these, 138 are official 264 are unofficial hoardings, and 32 cases are currently pending in court. Notices were issued in 201 cases and 115 cases were cleared.

In the last four years, 724 cases have been registered under the Karnataka Free Areas Prevention Act in Bengaluru, 164 convicts have been convicted, and 142 cases are still in progress. Notably, the corporation has earned Rs 1.14 crore from advertisements in the last three years and efforts are on to recover the outstanding amount of Rs 7.86 lakh.

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