BMTC’s Health Initiative: Free Health Checkup Camp Targets Driver and Conductor Wellbeing”

BMTC’s Health Initiative: Move for free health check-ups amid rise in sickness among BMTC staff The Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) is organizing a supplementary health check-up camp for its staff due to various health conditions found among bus drivers and conductors. A complementary camp by Referral Lab Institute is organizing a health checkup camp at the depots itself.

BMTC's Health Initiative

Bengaluru, Dec 08: BMTC has organized a free health check-up camp for all the staff given the high variation in the health of the drivers and operators working in the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation.

From December 13, the referral lab will conduct free medical check-ups for hypertension, diabetes, ECG, eye tests, and dental check-ups for all BMTC staff. The Chief Labor and Welfare Officer of BMTC stressed that every employee should undergo a health check-up during the health check-up.

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In the last two years, BMTC has organized 74 health camps focusing on hypertension and diabetes treatment along with 62 eye check-up camps and two dental treatment camps. Serious health problems were identified during these inspections, and employees were strongly advised to seek further medical attention.

A recent medical examination conducted by the Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology and Research revealed that 40 to 50 percent of bus drivers in the BMTC are facing heart-related problems. In response, BMTC has established a five-year partnership with Jayadeva Hospital to conduct cardiac check-ups for employees aged 45 and above. As part of this initiative, out of 10,744 personnel, 8,345 have already undergone cardiac treatment at Jayadeva Hospital.

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