Bengaluru techie who put his old bed for sale on OLX and lost Rs 68 lakh.

Bengaluru Techie lost money: Online scams are being reported in all parts of Karnataka these days. Cyber thieves are especially successful in ensnaring technically skilled software employees. A techie from HSR Lay Out, Bangalore, who put a bed for sale on OLX, reportedly lost Rs 68 lakh.

Bengaluru techie

Bengaluru, Dec 15: Cases of software engineers falling into the trap of cyber thieves are increasing day by day in Silicon City Bengaluru. Now a case has been reported that a techie who put an old bed for sale on OLX lost 68 lakh rupees.

Adish (name changed), a resident of HSR Lay Out, who is employed by a private software company in the city, was the unfortunate loser. He sold his old mattress on OLX for Rs 15,000. He also uploaded some photos of it.

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On December 6, around 7 pm, a person who introduced himself as Rohit Mishra called. He said that Indira has a furniture shop in the city and is interested in buying a bed.

He told Adish that he would pay for the bed through a digital payment app after all the talks were over. Then they called again and said they were unable to send money to your account. So he said he will send 5 rupees from your account.

Adish believed him and sent 5 rupees. From that side, a person claiming to be Rohit Mishra charged Rs 10 in return. Mishra said that he was having trouble sending money again and asked him to send 5000 thousand rupees to his account. Adish sent 5000 thousand and in return sent 10000.

The scammer said to Click on the link and ask to send OTP, Then he said that if he sent 7500 then he would send 15000 thousand. Accordingly, Adish sent 7500 thousand. In this case, Mishra told me that I had sent 30000 thousand to your account by mistake and asked me to click on the link he was sending and send the OTP.

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Adish believed him and did as he said. After this Mishra sends links and asks for OTPs on the pretext of a technical glitch. Due to this, the money gradually disappeared from Adishan’s account.

Cyber thieves used IMPS Tponsfer to steal money. First thousands, then millions, realized they had been duped.

In the end, Adish lost 68 lakh rupees. Losses of up to 5 lakhs are common in cyber crimes. But the police said that such a large amount of loot is a rare case, Adish told The Times.

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