Bangaloreans beware! CCB has found a network of fake clothes of global brands

Fake Clothes of Global Brands: Residents of Bangalore who are fond of branded items and clothes will no doubt be surprised to see this news. The CCB (Central Crime Branch) police raided shops selling fake clothes of globally renowned brands in the city.

Fake Clothes of Global Brands

Bengaluru, November 30: Acting on a tip-off about the sale of fake clothes, the CCB police conducted a simultaneous raid from two sides. Targeted locations included garment manufacturing units near Bommanahalli and KR Market, where several individuals were manufacturing fake clothes from various well-known brands like Armani, Levi’s, Allen Soli, Burberry, Polo, and LP.

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After discovering this illegal operation, CCB’s Financial Crimes Squad took swift action and registered a case against Bharat Kumar and Radha, who were running a fake business in the name of Patel Export.

During the raid, the CCB police seized items worth more than one crore rupees. The owners who came to know about the police operation took the workers separately and later they were released by the police.

Secret Chamber near KR Market!

CCB conducted a separate raid near KR Market and found a secret room containing fake foreign cigarettes worth lakhs of rupees. Notably, even the prestigious ITC brand is fake. Counterfeit cigarettes include various foreign brands such as Black, Mond, and Cigar Escelites. These fake products were sold to various Beeda (betel nut) stalls and pawn shops in the city.

Additionally, the police found an illegal hookah jar in the possession of one of the accused, Lalit, and registered a case at the City Market police station in connection with the incident. The CCB’s crackdown is aimed at ensuring residents are vigilant and check the authenticity of the items they buy, underscoring the prevalence of fake goods in the market.

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