Panic button installation in BMTC buses for the safety of women!

Panic button for women’s safety in BMTC: Panic buttons have been installed on 5000 BMTC buses in Bengaluru as part of the Nirbhaya Yojana to enhance the safety of women during their bus journeys.

BMTC has issued guidelines for its staff outlining the procedures to be followed by both control room staff and bus crew when a passenger activates the panic button.

Panic Button

BENGALURU, November 30: BMTC has introduced an SOS or panic button option for the safety of women while traveling in buses under Nirbhaya Yojana. This button option is available on 5000 buses. At present, BMTC has prepared guidelines for its staff on the actions to be taken by the control room staff and coach staff when passengers press the panic button.

When to use the panic button:

The SOS button, integrated into the mobile application, is intended for use by women passengers encountering difficulties, distress, or witnessing conflicts between staff and passengers during their bus travel.

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Procedure when the panic button is pressed:

Upon activation, a message is promptly dispatched to the control room’s mobile number. The control staff is then tasked with reaching out to the relevant bus driver to gather information about the situation. Authentication of the warning message is conducted, and vigilant monitoring of the specific vehicle is initiated. Additionally, the organization recommends notifying nearby charioteer staff to take appropriate action.

Assistance available from staff:

An automatic alert is triggered to the charioteer when the panic button is pressed. The charioteer team is responsible for contacting the relevant bus driver to obtain crucial information. Vigilant monitoring of the vehicle and prompt arrival at the location are emphasized.

The situation is assessed, immediate action is taken, and the incident is reported to the relevant authorities. In cases where necessary, BMTC directs staff to inform the nearest police station and coordinate the vehicle’s movement accordingly.

BMTC on Nice Road:

BMTC has commenced bus services from Madawara on Nice Road to Electronic City, effective Monday, providing added convenience for commuters across various circles.

Feeder Buses and Increased Connectivity:

To enhance connectivity for metro passengers, seven feeder buses operate from Jalahalli metro station, servicing routes to MS Palya, 8th Mile, Tippenahalli, and Makali. Moreover, BMTC has introduced bus services connecting the Ullala suburb to Yashwantpur, KRpur to Bagalur, and Shivajinagar bus station to Yelahanka 5th stage.

Expansion of BMTC Feeder Buses:

Feeder buses have been introduced on several metro routes, with an emphasis on services originating from Vijayanagar bus station, as communicated by BMTC.

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