Current Tree Census of Bangalore starts today, let’s wait and see how many trees are there in bangalore

 Tree Census of Bangalore: The trees that once made the garden city of Bangalore an oxygen hub continue to fall under the guise of development. In this background, even though the High Court ordered the census of trees in 2016 itself, due to various problems including Corona, this important work continues to move forward. Now the time has come to count the fallen trees.

Tree Census of Bangalore starts today

The time has finally come to enumerate the trees of Silicon City, which has been in the corner for the last four years, and the process of recording the information along with the species and pictures of the plants and trees will start on Monday, January 22.

Due to many development works in Bangalore city, many trees have been axed and their number has decreased. In 2016, the High Court directed the BBMP to conduct a census to determine how many trees are left. However, the census was not started due to Covid-19 and other reasons. The BBMP Forest Department had recently called a tender for it. This process has been completed and the contract has been awarded to a private company called Rasta Inna Project.

Contractors initiate tree census through the Karnataka State Remote Sensing Application Center (KSRHAC) mobile application. Thus, after getting the number of trees, it will help for further projects. Every day information on every tree is collected in the app and also published on the website.

Which trees are being counted?

Various information including 5.5 cm girth, meter height trees, names, and species are collected in the mobile app. A number is entered on each tree during the census. After preparing all these reports, tree image, number, and species information can be obtained through barcode

Barcode panels will be installed on trees visible from one side of the road. This will give complete information to the public about the trees in their area.

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Where does the count start?

Ward wise tree survey work will be started. A team of 30 people who have been trained to record information along with pictures of trees in the mobile app are participating in this process.

All these are divided into 16 teams. Each team of 5 starts counting the wards. He enters Mara Madi instead of other years. Contractors monitor the work they do on a daily basis The forest department officials said that they will.

The contract was awarded to a company with less experience

Rasta Inna Project Company has never done a software-based tree survey before. Instead, it is only experienced in manual surveying. Environmentalists allege that this is the first time that a software-based tree survey is being done and there is a possibility that it will be a disaster.

BBMP deadline for contractors

A total of Rs 4.32 crore is being spent on tree census under BBMP. Schools, colleges, government institutions, various departments, and parks systematically count trees across the city. BBMP itself has enumerated less than 50 trees on the premises of private institutions. If the number is more, the respective organizations should collect the information and give it to BBMP. BBMP has given a deadline to the contractors to complete the process by June 30.

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