Bangalore Cake Show 2023: This time special attractions like Shakti Scheme, New Parliament and Chandrayaan

Bangalore Cake Show 2023: Bangalore 49th Annual Cake Show (Bangalore 49th Annual Cake Show 2023) will be held in Bangalore this year like every year on the occasion of Christmas which comes at the end of the year. It will be inaugurated on Thursday (December 14).

Bangalore Cake Show 2023

Bengaluru, December 14: The New Year Cake Show has started in Bangalore. The 17-day cake show this time has special attractions like Shakti Yojana, New Parliament, and Chandrayaan. Here is the information on this.

Every year there is a cake show with a new theme. More than 50 cakes will be made with artwork. In this cake show, there will be many attractions, from Guarantee Project attractions to Chandrayaan-3!

The newly launched New Parliament Cake in Delhi will attract everyone to this cake show. How many kg are there? Here is information about Bloom On Cake, its width, height, specialty, and cake show schedule.

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A cake show to end the old year welcomes everyone to the New Year 2024. Like every year this year the 49th Cake Show will be launched in association with the Institute of Baking and Cake Art (IBCA) and My Bakers Mart.

This year the cake show has flourished many works of art including the new Parliament. It involves months of hard work by many bakery artists. It will be held from tomorrow 15 December to New Year 01 January 2024. Adults including children are admitted with fixed tickets.

New Parliament is the attraction this year:

The Parliament which was inaugurated this year is the pride of the country and was painted on the cake by five artists in about 2.5 months. Santnu, Mahesh, Arun, Mohit, and Pramod made a total of 1120 cakes measuring 14 feet wide, 14 feet long, and 09 feet high. This will be the specialty of this cake show, the organizers said in a release. Along with this, here is a list of which works of art have flourished on the cake.

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What are specialty cake crafts?

The world’s largest cakes will be on display in an area of 20,000 square feet. The cakes on display here are a feast for cake lovers. Shop Camel Cake, Alligator in a Stamp Cake, The Frozen Castle, and other enchanting works of art here. Out of this, the 9-foot-high new Parliament House weighs 1120 kg. Built-in cake. A seven-feet tall Shivaji Maharaj sitting on a horse holding a sword cake, a 3-feet tall Chandrayaan-3 sugar statue is being built at a cost of 205 kg.

There are many different types of cake models including pink doll cake which appeals to children, 4 4-foot tall replica of a free bus facility for women, 9 9-foot tall wedding cake saga, dog wedding cake.

What is the cake display time?
Every day from 11 am to 9 pm, the exhibition is allowed to be viewed.

How much is the ticket price?
Admission is free for children under four years of age, and Rs 100 per person The entry fee is fixed.

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