Child Theft Gang: Parents, beware! A gang of child thieves has been discovered in Bangalore.

Child Theft Gang: Your kids can go missing even if you think they are playing in front of your house because a gang from Bihar has mastered the art of kidnapping children. How do they steal children? who is Here is the full report.

Child Theft Gang in Bangalore

Bengaluru, Dec 13: Have you ever seen people begging at traffic signals in Bengaluru? They beg with small children in their arms. There are also allegations that children are stolen and used for this type of crime. Meanwhile, a team from Bihar has come to Bangalore and the information about stealing children is shocking.

Yes, children have been kidnapped on CCTV. In the scene, two women are standing outside and talking. Two children are playing in front of the house. As the women entered the house, the woman who came took the children and brought Kindari Jogi.

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A couple of Nepalese origin used to work in plaster in Kodigehalli. When the couple went to work, two small children at home came in front of the house. The woman who came there took a 6-year-old girl and an 8-month-old child and ran away.

The railway police interrogated the suspect when she went to Yeshwantpur railway station to escape to Bihar with her husband. Then it came to light that the children were stolen.

A Nepali couple who had gone to plaster work got worried when they came home in the evening and the children did not come and filed a complaint at the Kodigehalli police station. When the police checked the CCTV, the movement of the thief couple was captured on the CCTV.

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Meanwhile, the Yesvantpur Railway Police had informed the Kodigehalli Police about the arrest of the child thieves. After that, this thief couple, Balaram and Pramila Devi, was arrested and interrogated.

The Kodigehalli police have subjected the couple who kidnapped the children to intense interrogation. Why are children kidnapped? Are there traitors in his gang? The motive is being investigated. But, it is only true that the parents of Bengaluru should be wary of the gangs of Bihar.

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