Bangalore Kambala: Traffic Route changes around Palace grounds on November 25, 24; Here is the Details

Bangalore Kambala: The prestigious Kambala of Tulunad will take place at the Palace Grounds in Bengaluru on November 25 and 26. To ensure smooth movement during the event, significant changes have been made to the city’s traffic system, anticipating a gathering of millions of spectators.

With an expected attendance of 6 to 8 lakh people over the two days, potential vehicular congestion around the palace grounds has prompted increased police deployment for traffic management. Tight security measures have also been implemented within the palace grounds and its vicinity.

Bangalore Kambala

To facilitate the flow of traffic, heavy goods vehicles will face restrictions from 7 am to 12 noon and from 3 pm to 10 pm on the roads surrounding the palace grounds. Diversions for heavy goods vehicles have been designated at Cantonment Railway Station, Hebbala Junction, Kaveri Theater Junction, BHEL/IISC Junction, and Basaveshwar Junction.

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The traffic police department has provided the following important points to the visitors of the Kambala event:

  • Vehicles approaching the CBD area should take a ‘U’ turn near Mekhri Circle, proceed to Mekhri Circle Gate No.1 (Krishna Vihar), park their vehicles, and then make their way to the event venue.
  • Vehicles arriving from the Hebba side on Bellary Road should use the Mekhri Sarkala underpass and enter the grounds through Gate No.1 (Krishna Vihar).
  • Vehicles coming from the Yeshwantpur direction should turn right at Mekhri Circle and access the grounds through Gate No.1.
  • Cab service users are advised to enter through Gate No.2, alight at the designated area, and exit through Gate No.3.
  • All vehicles must exit through Amanullah Khan Gate on Jaymahal Road when leaving the event.

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Roads to be avoided:

  •  Palace Road from Mysore Bank Circle to Vasantnagar Underpass
  • MV Jayaramarasthe-Aramane Road, BDA Junction, including Chakraborty Layout, from Vasantnagar
  • Underpass to Old Udaya TV Junction (Both Directions)
  • Bellary Road from Mekhri Circle to LRDE Junction
  • Cunningham Road from Balekundri Circle to Lee Meridian Hotel Underpass
  • Millers Road from Hale Udaya TV Junction to LRDE Junction
  • Jayamahal Road and the roads around Bangalore Palace

Parking restrictions apply to the following roads:

  • Palace Road
  • MV Jayaram Road
  • CV Raman Road
  • Vasantnagar Road
  • Jayamahal Road
  • Ramana Maharshi Road
  • Nandidurga Road
  • Bellary Road
  • Taralabalu Road
  • Mount Carmel College Road.

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