Bangalore will receive heavy rains in the next 5 days

Bangalore, 21 June: The much-awaited monsoon has already arrived and Bangalore will receive heavy rains in the next 5 days, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said, learn more about the rain forecast.

Cloudy conditions prevailed in parts of Bengaluru city on Wednesday morning, and the Varuna Mitra dashboard of the Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Center (KSNDMC) released an estimated rainfall figure.

Bangalore will receive heavy rains in the next 5 days

As a result of the intensity of the storm on the coast of Tamil Nadu, many parts of Bengaluru recorded a maximum of 47 mm of rain in the morning, while Bengaluru, Chikkaballapur, and Kolar in Kolar received heavy rainfall, said a senior scientist of the Indian Meteorological Department.

By 6.30 am, 47 mm of rain has been recorded in the Horamavu area of Bengaluru. Besides, it has rained in Kodigehalli (38 mm), and Kottigepalya (35.5 mm), and other areas.

Talking about the arrival of monsoon rains in Bangalore, Senior Scientist Prasad said that because the Monsoon change its circulation due to Cyclone Biparjoy, the entry of Monsoon in Karnataka was delayed and now it has brought rain to Bangalore.

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And he said,  All these changes are normal phenomena in Monsoon season, Monsoon is delayed and Monsoon entered Karnataka on June 10, Monsoon was delayed by Cyclone Baiparzai, which changed its course, and now rains have started in Bengaluru,

Talking about the intensity of rainfall for the next five days, he said that there is an increased chance of moderate to heavy rains in Bengaluru in the next five days. Cloudy weather will be created for 2 days, and this time the monsoon rains have started late. The Indian Meteorological Department has estimated that there is a possibility of more than average rainfall in Bengaluru city.

As such monsoon winds, which have weakened this time, are likely to pick up speed in the next three to four days, and monsoon rains are likely to cover major rice, soybean, cotton, and sugarcane growing areas in the southern, central, and western states, said IMD officials.

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