BDA Site Application 2024: Applications have been invited for allotment of plots from January 25, Rs 4900 per sq.ft.

BDA site application 2024: It has been decided to build a peripheral ring road in the northern part of Bangalore, but despite a lot of pressure, its denotification has not been done. Now we have named it Bangalore Business Corridor. A global tender will be called for this road in the next week. Anyone can participate. DCM DKshi said that farmers who lose their land will be given appropriate compensation as per Supreme Court guidelines.

BDA site application 2024

Bengaluru: Applications will be invited from January 25 for allotment of plots to the much-awaited Dr Sivaram who has done BDA. 4,900 per square foot based on the construction cost of the barangay. The rate is fixed. DCM DK said that the farmers who have been given land for the construction of the Layout will be allotted land on a priority basis. Published by Sivakumar.

Speaking at a press conference called after holding a meeting of officials at the BDA head office, he said, ‘Applications for Shivaram Karanta Barangay site will be submitted online, all other BDA offices will accept applications through offline. After applying, the Applicants must pay an initial deposit of 12.5% of the total investment amount within one month. Shortlisted candidates have to pay 5% deposit. Allotment of space will be done in a very transparent manner, no irregularities will be allowed,” he said.

25-30 acres of land have been identified for the construction of a good stadium in Shivram Karanta Layout where there is a 45-foot road. We have decided to build another stadium on the model of Kantheerava Stadium in the northern part of Bangalore. CA plot, park everything is there. Here, 4.2% of the land has been captured and the rest of the land is being used for wide roads and other facilities. Now the land has to be allotted to the farmers and the price of these plots is expensive.

Earlier, they were given financial compensation and the land was confiscated. But now for the first time, we are offering placement. 4900 per square foot in this area. It has been corrected,” said DCM DK Shivakumar.

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Priority for 18,000 people:

3069 acres of land have been acquired as per Supreme Court guidelines regarding Shivram development. 18 thousand people have lost their land in 17 villages and they will be given 40% land on priority. They will be given land on their land. If it is not possible, they will be given a place in their town. Land victims should be willing to seek all-round settlements. It is not possible to insist on giving a specific place,” he clarified.

Those who lost their land in this barangay should be given 9500 land. As per law, more than 4750 corner plots are e-auctioned. The remaining more than 10 thousand plots are being allotted to people. We have identified 9 banks for this process,” he said.

BDA complex in PPP model;

Is there a proposal to make BDA complex on the PPP model? Answering the question, the DCM said, this proposal was in our government, it was pending in Yeddyurappa’s government, and even if it was delayed by a day, it would be a loss to the government, I had told them to clear the building and start the work, we have not changed. The cost and allocation ratio has been continued as it was earlier,” said Dkeshi.

BDA in search of space for new barangays;

The DCM replied to the question that there is a proposal to make a new barangay. “There is a thought of making a new layout, the land should be identified and acquired.” The search for a suitable place is going on.

It is being said that “BDA is not a profitable business organization, they get 10-20% money from customers as soon as they get permission for the project before doing layout. BDA pays after the construction of the barangay. BDA can never be”. Real estate agency,” he said.

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BDA chief post confusion;

MLA NA for the post of BDA chief. Responding to media representatives’ question about Harris’s name being heard, the DCM pointed out to DKshi Rakesh Singh that, ‘The Chief Minister should sign the corporation, board list, BDA chief and commissioner are sitting in the chair’.

Location in 17 villages;

The final notification was issued in 2008 for the acquisition of 3,546 acres for the construction of Shivaram Karanta Barangay. Accordingly, 2,782 acres of work have been done on the acquired land. Shivaram Karanta Barangay has been built in 17 villages between Doddaballapur and Harshamaghatta in North Bengaluru.

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