Man Stuck in Aircraft Toilet During Mumbai to Bangalore Flight

Man Stuck in Aircraft Toilet: On the flight from Mumbai to Bangalore, the passengers who went to the toilet realized that they could not open the door to come out, so the staff wrote a message on paper and sent it to the passengers. the door We can’t even open the door. Please don’t panic, close the toilet commode lid, sit on it, and take it. He said that the staff would come and open the door as soon as the plane landed.

Man Stuck in Aircraft Toilet During Mumbai to Bangalore Flight

Bangalore: A shocking incident has come to light where a male passenger who arrived at Bengaluru Airport from the commercial capital of the country, Mumbai Airport, was stuck in the toilet of the plane for exactly 100 minutes! It is said that the passengers were left in the plane’s toilet as they could not remove the latch of the plane due to a technical fault. This case, which took place last Tuesday, came to light late.

After the flight took off from the Mumbai airport, the passengers took off their seat belts and went to the toilet. However, it did not come out for a long time. By the time the plane landed at Bangalore’s Kempegowda Airport,

A passenger who was stuck in the toilet had suffered violence. Shocked After the plane landed, the engineers and technicians immediately rushed to the plane and broke the toilet door. It is learned that they rescued the trapped passengers.

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According to the Kempegowda International Airport, the incident took place on an SG-268 flight belonging to SpiceJet. The flight arrived in Bangalore at 2 am from Mumbai airport. The flight took off from Mumbai at 10.55 pm on Monday. SpiceJet airline is yet to release more information about the passengers stuck in the plane’s toilet. However, it only said that the male passenger was stuck in the plane’s toilet.

The man could not open the toilet door and repeatedly knocked on the door and shouted for help. The flight crew also got information about this. He was trying to remove the plane’s toilet door from the outside. But, it is not possible. Thus, the passengers from Mumbai to Bangalore had to walk in the narrowest space of the toilet. Most of all, he experienced a lot of pain & injury during the flight landing in Bangalore.

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