“Bengaluru City Signals to Operate Without Traffic Police: A Glimpse into the Future of Automated Traffic Management”

Bengaluru City Signals to Operate Without Traffic Police: Technology will keep a watch on traffic violations in Bengaluru city, because of which it has been decided to make all traffic signals in Bangalore free of police. Therefore, within 8 months, there will be no police at any signal in Bangalore. CCTV cameras will monitor the traffic violators.

Bengaluru City Signals to Operate Without Traffic Police

Bengaluru: In eight months, the city’s road signals will be free of traffic police. Also, from April, the police department will provide video evidence to the riders who violate traffic rules.

Bangalore City Police Commissioner B. Dayanand and Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) M. N. Anucheth, who interacted with press editors after giving a demonstration about the management of the Bangalore Command Center opened under the Bangalore Safe City Project,

At present 160 signals of the city are functioning free of traffic police. In eight months, all signals will be free from traffic police. Only cases like wheeling are handled by the police. Otherwise, notices will be issued to motorists who violate traffic rules based on footage from CCTV cameras with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) technology,” he said.

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Video evidence for Traffic rules violence: 

Video evidence is given to riders who violate traffic rules at signals. Anucheth informed that this system will be implemented in April.

Currently, 22,000 traffic violation cases are being registered daily at 50 locations in the city based on AI technology. 7500 CCTV cameras at 3000 places in the city will keep an eagle eye on motorists. Additionally, the process of installing 1376 CCTV cameras is underway. The department aims to create 100% traffic police-free signals in eight months,” he explained.

“Bangalore Police Helpline (112) is getting a response within 2.51 minutes of a call from the public. At 1.56 minutes, the staff of the command center will transmit the information to the Hoysala staff. Based on GIS technology, the Hoysala staff will rush to the spot and help the victims within 7.36 minutes after finding the place where the crime took place. 7,500 calls are received on weekends. percent 95 percent people have expressed their appreciation for the response of the police,” he said.

In Bengaluru city, 1,99,749 people approached police stations seeking help and 1,32,982 people responded. Out of these, 1,15,659 people expressed their appreciation for the service of the police. The 87 percent of people appreciated the police service. Personnel misbehaving with citizens are given appropriate information. He said citizens have been allowed to file complaints about the behavior of police personnel using QR codes near stations.

Use of drones

Cybercrime, drugs, and traffic management are the biggest challenges facing the police. In a city with a population of one and a half crore, there are 1.2 crore vehicles. That means one (1:1.2) vehicle per person. Apart from New Delhi, Bengaluru ranks second among the cities with the highest number of vehicles in the country. He informed that along with IA technology, drones are also being used to control vehicular traffic.

There are a total of 2.30 lakh CCTV cameras in the city including private, commercial centers, and police. Besides, 10 drones are being used for traffic control,” the commissioner explained.

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The theft cases have almost stopped in the city, but the cybercrime cases have reduced by 23% last year. He said that strict measures are being taken to prevent cybercrime cases.

Answering a question about the demand to open hotels and restaurants throughout the night, he said, ‘This is being discussed at the government level and the government will take a decision.

Emergency call buttons have been installed to connect to CCTV cameras in 50 safety islands at bus stops, and public places where violence against women has been detected.

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