Property Tax in Bangalore: Mantri Mall sealed for non-payment of Rs 51 crore

Property Tax in Bangalore: Burhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palika (BBMP) officials in Bengaluru on Wednesday locked the city’s prestigious ‘Mantri Mall’ for non-payment of taxes. Along with this, BBMP continues to take strict action against defaulters. About 200 shops inside the mall were also closed.

Property Tax in Bangalore

Mantri Mall had not paid taxes for almost months. A total of 51 crore tax money has not been paid to BBMP. In this regard, the BBMP officials had issued many heavy notices to Mantri Mall.

Along with this, a notice has been issued by BBMP to all the shops under the ministry. But neither these stores nor the mall owners, the minister has neglected to reply to the notice. Also, the tax has not been paid from time to time.

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Thus, BBMP officials and marshals visited Mantri Mall on Wednesday. All members of the public inside were sent outside. They then seized the entrance of the mall. Along with this, all the stores inside were sealed.

Reacting to this, the court issued a restraining order to the mall owner, Fawati Baki. At the same time, it is not right that the BBMP officials have locked the mall. It is learned that the owner of Mantri Mall responded that the authorities did this without giving any information.

500 properties have been locked up for non-payment of taxes

Recently in RRnagar too, BBMP officials launched a crackdown against commercial buildings and properties that have been running without paying taxes for a long time. Many shops have been confiscated. It was a warning bell for the shops that responded despite the notice.

Now BBMP has locked Mantri Mall as a continuation of the same operation. Along with this, BBMP has confiscated a total of 500 properties including shops in the city so far, BBMP sources said.

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