Rising of Dry Eyes problem in Bangalore: Experts advice for Bangaloreans to maintain eyes health

Rising of Dry Eyes problem in Bangalore: Do your eyes dry out quickly? Always burning eyes? Do your eyes get red quickly on a bike or in the wind? Are red eyes enough to start a headache? Fan, AC is running out of air? If so it could be dry eye syndrome so be careful.

Rising of Dry Eyes problem in Bangalore

Bengaluru, March 27: Summer has begun in Silicon City. Apart from this, various eye problems have been observed. Even in recent days, the people of the city have started suffering from dry eye problems. Due to the ever-increasing air pollution in the city, and excessive use of mobile phones and laptops, from children to the elderly, the problem of dry eyes has started.

Excessive air pollution in Bengaluru and the increasing use of mobile phones are directly increasing eye strain due to laptop use. Thus the problem of dry eye is found. This dry eye syndrome causes the eyes to become red. There are many problems including watery eyes, itching, and headaches. The people of the city are suffering from the problem of dry eyes.

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This dry eye problem has started due to increasing air pollution in Bangalore in the past few years and constant, excessive, and prolonged use of mobile phones, laptops, and desktops.

People’s interest is also decreasing due to this dry eye problem. Recently, this problem has increased in 30% of people with dry eye problems. This is a huge problem and doctors said that most of the cases of coming to the OPD are dry eye problems.

Recently there have been many health problems facing the people of the city. Doctors have advised us to pay more attention to eye health. They are advised to pay attention to excessive water consumption, vitamin-rich fruit food, and eye exercise.

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