Second Airport for Bangalore: Discussions Underway

Bengaluru: The idea of a second airport in Bangalore has been gaining momentum, but according to the existing agreement with Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL), a new airport cannot be constructed within 150 km of the current Kempegowda International Airport until 2033. This agreement necessitates that any new airport project must be initiated only after the next nine years.

Second Airport for Bangalore: Discussions Underway

MB Patil, the State Infrastructure Development Minister, discussed this on Sunday during a meeting held by the Department of Infrastructure Development regarding the development of a second airport. “The current agreement with BIAL prevents the construction of another airport within a 150 km radius until 2033. However, if we start working now, we can make significant progress over the next eight years,” he stated.

Location Discussions

The necessity of another airport near the state capital is clear. Further discussions and idea exchanges with the Chief Minister will determine the new airport’s location.

Pressure for Southern Bangalore

Considering the passenger load, areas like the southern side of Bangalore and Kanakapura are under consideration. If the new airport is to be closer to the present Kempegowda International Airport, locations like Dabasapete and Tumkur are potential sites. The process will involve location allocation, land acquisition, and compensation distribution, taking all factors into account.

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Applicability to Tamil Nadu

There is a question of whether the BIAL agreement’s 150 km clause applies to Tamil Nadu. Notably, in Mumbai, there is only a 36 km gap between two airports. Similarly, New York and London have airports in close proximity. This matter needs to be clarified, especially since the Tamil Nadu government has expressed intentions to build an airport in Hosur following discussions about Bangalore’s second airport.

Pros and Cons Study

A detailed study of the advantages and disadvantages of having a second airport in Bangalore versus Tamil Nadu’s proposal for Hosur will be conducted.

Hassan Airport Information Request

MP Shreyas Patel has requested comprehensive information regarding the ongoing work at Hassan Airport. During a meeting held at the Collector’s office to discuss railway projects, airport projects, and national highway works, he asked officials to prepare a detailed report on the required funding for each project.

Additionally, he instructed the authorities to arrange for a flyover near Goudagere and Addihalli Cross on National Highway 75 and to take necessary actions for land acquisition for railway projects. He also requested that railway department officials be invited to the next meeting to provide detailed information about the management of railway stations.

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