State Cabinet Approves Rs 355.47 Crore for BMTC New Buses, Total Fleet Strength to Reach 7,000

BMTC New Buses: The Cabinet of Ministers of the State Government has approved the purchase of new BMTC buses. A total of 840 new buses will join the BMTC fleet, bringing the total number of buses close to 7,000. This will address the shortage of buses. Here is more information on this.

BMTC New Buses

Bengaluru: The Karnataka government has given the green light for the purchase of BMTC buses, and 840 new buses will join the BMTC fleet. This will benefit the people of the capital.

This decision was taken in the cabinet meeting held at Vidhansouda on Thursday. An amount of Rs 355.47 crore has been approved for the purchase of buses, costing Rs 43.3 lakh per bus.

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Informing about this, Parliamentary Law Minister HK Patil said, “Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has purchased 840 BS-6 diesel buses at a total cost of Rs 363.82 crore. The total cost of the 20 buses supplied is Rs 41.72 lakh each, making the total Rs 835 lakh. The remaining 820 buses will be purchased for Rs 43.35 lakh each. The Cabinet has decided to approve Rs 355.47 crore for the total cost.”

BMTC Bus Count Close to 7,000:

BMTC currently has 6,071 buses. With the addition of 840 new buses, the total number of buses will increase to nearly 7,000. While all 840 buses are diesel type, Vayuvajra will be used for other purposes as needed. BMTC earns Rs 5.5 crore every day, and 29,000 staff are employed.

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