Bengaluru Metro Introduces New Facilities at Majestic Metro Station

 Bangalore: The Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation (BMRCL) has announced new facilities for metro commuters at the Majestic Metro Station to ease the interchange between the Purple Line and Green Line.

Majestic Metro Station, a crucial interchange point, often experiences heavy traffic. An additional lane on the station platform has been opened to alleviate this congestion. This new route connects Platform 2 of the Purple Line to Platforms 3 and 4 of the Green Line.

Bengaluru Metro Introduces New Facilities at Majestic Metro Station

Starting Yesterday Onwards, Tuesday, May 21, this additional route will be operational for 18 hours daily. It is expected to significantly reduce congestion and pressure on the existing routes and escalators, thus minimizing pushing and shoving during peak hours. BMRCL has requested the public to utilize this facility to enhance their commuting experience.

Increase in Passenger Numbers

The number of passengers using the Majestic Metro Station has been gradually increasing, especially after the complete opening of the Purple Line. Commuters from Nagasandra, Yelachenahalli, Kengeri, and Whitefield frequently use this station to change routes.

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During peak hours, simultaneous arrivals of trains from both lines often lead to a rush. Given that Majestic is a major transport hub, many people arriving from different cities also board the metro from here, further increasing the traffic. Millions of passengers travel through this interchange station daily.

Peak hours have been particularly challenging, with significant crowding at Majestic Metro Station. To address this issue, BMRCL has opened the new route in addition to the existing staircases and escalators, aiming to provide a smoother and more comfortable commuting experience.

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