Gold Rate Today in Bangalore Drops on May 22, 2024 – Read complete details from here

Gold Rate Today in Bangalore:  In recent days, there has been a significant rise and fall in the price of gold. However, people’s fascination for it has not decreased. There has been an increase in the number of customers buying gold every day.

Gold Rate Today in Bangalore Drops on May 22, 2024

Bangalore, May 22, 2024; Are you interested in the current prices of gold and silver in Bengaluru and the prices of jewelry in major cities across India? Here are the details.

Today, the price of gold has decreased nationwide, and the price of silver has also dropped. However, there is no change in the price of silver in Bangalore.

When the demand increases, its price is bound to fluctuate. Even in India now the gold price continues to play a snake-ladder game. Even in today’s market, the price of gold has fallen a bit, so this is the best time for the customer to buy.

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Falling and rising gold prices are temporary. According to the rise in the stock market, its price also fluctuates. On Wednesday (May 22), the price of gold showed its strength. Gold fell by Rs 60 and silver prices also fell. Inflation is low in the global market. Also, the same situation continues in America, and there will be a huge demand for gold in the coming days.

The current price of 10 grams of Pure gold (24 carats) in the Indian market is 74,510. 68,300 for 22-carat gold. Gold price in Bangalore is 68,300 per gram while silver price in the city is 9250. Silver price in India is 9460 rupees per 100 grams.

Gold Rate Today in Bangalore on 22 May 2024.

Per Gram Gold (1 GM)

  • 22 Carat Gold Price – Rs. 6,830
  • 24 Carat Gold Price (Pure Gold) – Rs. 7,451

Per 10 Grams of Gold (10 GM)

  • 22 Carat Jewelry Gold Price – Rs. 68,300
  • 24 Carat Gold Price (Pure Gold) – Rs. 74,510

Prices of 22-carat gold (per 10 grams) in various cities:

  • Bangalore: ₹68,300
  • Chennai: ₹68,600
  • Mumbai: ₹68,300
  • Delhi: ₹68,450
  • Kolkata: ₹68,300
  • Kerala: ₹68,300
  • Ahmedabad: ₹68,350
  • Jaipur: ₹68,450
  • Lucknow: ₹68,450
  • Bhubaneswar: ₹68,300

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