Decrease in Daily passenger ridership in Bengaluru Namma Metro, Here the reasons!

Bengaluru Namma Metro Purple Line is the first corridor connected to the IT Corridor. The number of passengers has decreased after the inauguration of the Baiyappanahalli-KR Puram Metro. In March, the movement of people is less, so the income of BMRCL is likely to get cut. So, here are the daily passenger expectations, current passenger numbers, and reasons for the decline.

Bengaluru Namma Metro

Bangalore, March 29: The 7.5 lakh passengers are expected to ply daily on the Purple Line after its opening. But on January 25 this number of people traveled only once (7.8 lakh). A total of 1.76 crore people traveled in March. However, the number of daily passengers has decreased to 6.7 lakh.

The number of daily passengers decreased by 29 thousand in March. The number of metro passengers has crossed 07 lakh only once so far. By this, the expectations of Namma metro officials have been turned upside down.

In March, there is a fear that the number of passengers will decrease and the revenue will decrease. After the completion of the 2 km Baiyappanahalli-KRpuram link, which was a connecting link, operations on the full purple line were started in the second week of October last year.

Then 6.40 lakh, 6.64 lakh, and 6.88 passengers traveled in October, November, and December respectively. In January this year, 6.70 lakh passengers traveled in the metro.

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What is the reason for less ridership in Namma metro?

Currently there is a decline in daily metro ridership in March due to many reasons. The reason for this can be attributed to extreme weather conditions, people are reluctant to come out due to the heat of the sun.

This huge temperature has increased in Bangalore. Mainly there is water problem. Due to this, some companies or employees in IT companies are interested in working from home.

Also, there have been frequent traffic delays on the metro line recently. Summer vacation has started. Thus, for some reason, it is being said that the movement of Namma metro purple line has decreased.

Cut to Namma metro monthly income

BMRCL estimates that the average loss of about 30 thousand passengers in the month of March will be Rs 23 and the estimated loss will be Rs 70 thousand. The yellow line of Namma metro will open soon. In this case, the number of passengers is likely to increase. Along with this, road widening work has been done in many places.

For the convenience of passengers, BMRCL officials are providing QR code ticket, coin, smart card and paper ticket as per requirement. Despite all these arrangements, the number of passengers is gradually decreasing.

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