Bangalore: After a Year, Bangalore’s VV Puram Food Street Development Still Unfinished, Frustrating Food Lovers and Traders Alike

Bangalore: The development work of VV Puram Food Street, which commenced in December 2022, remains incomplete even after a year, causing significant inconvenience to traders, customers, and residents. The bustling food street, known for its 30-plus food stalls and attracting food enthusiasts from across the city, was intended to undergo a high-tech transformation to enhance its commercial appeal.

Bangalore The development work of VV Puram Food Street

The delay in completion, attributed to a sluggish pace of progress, primarily stems from a shortage of specific raw materials essential for the project. Currently, 25% of the work remains pending, adversely impacting vehicular traffic and public movement.

The project, allocated a budget of 5 crores to modernize the 200-meter-long road, was scheduled for completion by August 2023 as per the contract. However, various pending tasks necessitate an additional two months for fulfillment. Completed aspects include drainage construction, rainwater canal implementation, water supply pipe installation, underground electricity connection, and ducts for the OFC network.

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The remaining tasks involve the development of M. Visveswaraiah Putthali, encompassing footpath construction, bench arrangement, and the installation of uniform display boards for all shops.

The delay, as explained by a corporation engineer, is attributed to the specific requirement of using 40mm quality Sira stones for the footpath. Unfortunately, the supply of these stones has not met the demand, contributing to the overall project delay.

The recent removal of the old Putthali in Sajjan Rao’s circle, associated with M. Visvesvaraya Putthali’s development, faced opposition from the Vivipuram Residents’ Welfare Association. However, the engineer clarified that the Putthali will be reinstated at the same location.

To expedite the project’s completion, efforts are underway to promptly source the required Sira stones. A separate path for the visually impaired is also being constructed on the footpath. Corporation officials anticipate the remaining 25% of the work will conclude within a month.

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