Bangalore city has highest number of Vehicles in India

Highest number of Vehicles in India: Another point of pride for the state capital Bangalore is that currently, Bangalore has the highest number of cars among the major cities in the country. The Delhi Statistical Handbook has reported on this. Here is more information on this.

Bangalore city has highest number of Vehicles in India

Bengaluru: According to the Delhi Statistical Handbook-2023 report, Silicon City Bengaluru has overtaken New Delhi as the city with the highest number of private cars in the country.

By the end of March 2023, Bengaluru city has surpassed Delhi by having 23.10 lakh private cars. During the same period, there were a total of 79.50 lakh vehicles in the national capital, Delhi. Out of these, 20.70 lakh vehicles are private cars, the report said.

In recent years, the Delhi Transport Department has ordered de-registration and scrapping of old and unfit vehicles. Accordingly, in 2021-22 and 2022-23, a total of 55 lakh cars have been deregistered in Delhi. Besides, 1.4 lakh cars are kept in Gujar. Also, the report mentioned that more than 6.2 lakh people have received objection letters for re-registration of their cars in other states.

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The number of vehicles is 1.25 crore:

Bangalore is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. The number of vehicles is also increasing according to the population of Bangalore. About 2,000 new vehicles are hitting the roads daily, and the number of vehicles in the city has crossed the 1.25 crore mark.

Bangalore ranks second among cities with the slowest traffic in the world. City dwellers spend more than half of their commute time in traffic signals and vehicular congestion. City dwellers spend 260 hours a year on the road. The vehicular traffic in the outer part is less than the city’s central part.

Tom Tom’s global traffic index report said that the traffic system has deteriorated during the rainy and festive season and the city dwellers have to suffer a lot.

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