BMRCL is going to implement Mass Spring System (MSS) Technology to reduce the vibration during train movement in Bengaluru Metro Tunnel.

BMRCL is going to implement Mass Spring System [MSS] Technology: Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) is using a cool technology called Mass Spring System (MSS) to stop vibrations when trains go through metro tunnels. They’re trying it first in the Kottigere-Nagwara tunnel on the Metro Rose Line, which is the longest underground track in the city.

BMRCL is going to implement Mass Spring System

Bengaluru: The pink route is super long, 21.26 kilometers from Kalena Agrahara to Nagawara. The part from Dairy Circle to Nagawara is 13.8 kilometers and is still being built. They’re planning to finish all this tunnel work by March 2025.

So, here’s the deal: when they build tunnels, there’s a bit of shaking, but that’s temporary. The real problem is when trains run through the tunnel, causing continuous shaking. To fix it, they’re using MSS technology.

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Here’s how it works: after they dig the tunnel, they put concrete on the ground. Then, they stick on these cool MSS pads. After that, they lay down the train tracks. These MSS pads are like shock absorbers to stop the shaking.

They’re also being smart about where they use this technology. If there’s a hospital, sensitive building, monuments, museums, or buildings with not-so-deep foundations, they study the ground. If it’s shaky there, they use MSS pads in those tunnels.

These pads are brought in from outside India, and BMRCL’s Chief Public Relations Officer, B.L. Yashwant Chavan, says this is the best way to stop the shaking.

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On another note, after some people jumped onto the metro tracks recently, there’s talk about putting Platform Screen Door (PSD) systems in metro stations. But they’re only doing it in the new stations they’re building, not the existing ones.

The first one will be near Konappa Agrahara, close to Electronic City on the yellow line. They’re thinking about doing it in more stations along the yellow and blue lines. This is something they’re already doing in places like Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai to stop folks from crowding the tracks.

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