Bangalore Metro: 10 Crucial Guidelines for Namma Metro Passengers to Safeguard Against COVID-19 Infection

Guidelines for Namma Metro Passengers: New cases of coronavirus infection are increasing. Currently, the government has made masks mandatory only for those above 60 years of age. But, till now masks are not mandatory in our crowded cities. Infection is more likely to spread in cold climates where AC is used. Thus, self-motivated precautionary measures have to be used.

Guidelines for Namma Metro Passengers to prevent covid-19 spread (

Bengaluru: As new strains of Corona are increasing in the country, the central and state governments have taken precautionary measures. However, the government has not taken any action in public transport including our metro which is full of passenger traffic.

In this background, transport organizations including BMRCL have not made masks mandatory for their passengers. Awaiting the government’s direction. However, due to the continuous use of AC in the metro and the lack of space between passengers, the possibility of infection has increased. Therefore, travelers themselves should take precautionary measures and protect themselves from the new coronavirus.

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Importantly, the United Nations has said that prevention is the first medicine for coronavirus infection. Accordingly, arrangements should be made for self-protection in crowded places while using public transport, including the metro, to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

10 Crucial Guidelines for Metro Passengers to Safeguard Against COVID-19 Infection

  1. It is mandatory to wear a mask while entering the metro station.
  2. Keeping a distance of at least 3 feet between fellow passengers
  3. Do not travel in that train if the number of passengers is high.
  4. Keep your distance while queuing and getting tickets while boarding the train.
  5. Do not touch glass, or windows in non-essential trains.
  6. People with weak immunity, the elderly, and people with chronic diseases should not use Metro for a few days.
  7. Do not use Metro if you have symptoms of infection. The infection is more likely to spread to others.
  8. Metro Coin is transferable from one person to another, Use smart cards and mobile QR codes as much as possible.
  9. It is best to wash your hands and shower immediately after traveling home.
  10. Use digital payment instead of money transfer.

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Masks are mandatory for people above 60 years of age in the state

Masks have been made mandatory for people above 60 years of age in the state. The health department has issued a public advisory as a precautionary measure in the wake of the detection of cases of the COVID variant strain (JN-1) in neighboring Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The current winter weather, Christmas, and New Year crowds are likely to spread the infection. Therefore, Department Commissioner D. to follow the instructions based on the recommendation of the Covid Technical Advisory Committee. Randeep issued a public announcement.

Everyone else should wear a mask

Senior citizens (above 60 years old), people with chronic health problems (kidney, heart, liver, etc.), pregnant women and the elderly should wear masks outside, in public, and crowded places.

In case of fever, cough, chills, shortness of breath, cold-related problems, and symptoms of infection, consult a doctor immediately. should be kept in separate residences until full recovery. Wearing a mask, and washing hands frequently. It is advised to stay at home in case of illness.

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